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MR Cache 2010, Oct 17 – Water Spot Edition

Weekly Thoughts:

Yesterday (October 15th) was national blogger action day, and the theme was water!  I missed it, but I did include some great links in my favorite reads this week.  Hopefully next year, I’ll be in the known…

This weekend was different by being much less hectic than the previous weeks, and what is the reason why?  Soccer season is over, both kids did exceptionally well this season! 

So what are we doing instead?…  Camping!  Augh, the summer was way to hot and busy, but I promised my son we would put the tent up, and so we are camping in my backyard 🙂  The tent is way to small for the three of us (son, daughter and MR), but at least we had a small campfire and marshmallows.

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Barbara FriedbergTen Steps You Must Take Before Beginning An Investment Program  Barb present the argument that you should take care of the basic needs before wanting to start investing your money.  Check it out and see what you thing…

Budgeting in the Fun StuffBlog Action Day – Bottled Water – BIFS talks about bottled water and how they use them intelligently!  It sounds like she has a pretty decent system!

Bucksome Boomer:  7 Ways to Conserve Water at Home – BB has identified some great tip to conserve water at home!  I’d like to add to her list by also including a Navy Shower (at least in the summer).

The Digerati Life:  Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Keeping Our Rivers Clean – The Silicon Valley Blogger brings to light the problems with the quality of water in other less development but highly populated countries.  I hope some of the damage being done to the water systems in these locations aren’t permanent and can be salvaged some day and some how!!!

Everyday Tips and Thoughts:  Judging A Generation Of Home Buyers Based On TV Shows like ‘House Hunters’ – Everyday Tips demonstrates how TV shows present a twisted sense of reality around financial decisions.  Kris actually had another stellar week where any of her articles could have been posted here.  You might want to check out the entire weeks, or month, or year!!!

Financial SamuraiWhy Is Everybody Leaving Obama? – Sam asks a very good question here!  Read his post and comments, then tell him what you think! 

Grumpy RumblingsLoving us some links – I usually don’t link to an article about links, but in this case, the Grover video is a must see!!!  Ladies, thanks for finding this treasure for us!  We loved it! Check out their other articles too, I’m should you’ll find something interesting there, I always do!

Lazy Man and MoneyThe Importance of Clean Water – Lazyman brings up some great points that remind me that little things done by everybody in mass can really add up! 

Little House:  Rent or Buy Revisited – Little House creates a list of pros and cons on whether they should by a house or not.  Great analysis, Little House is very smart so either way, it will come out in her advantage!

MoneySmart LifeAngies List Free Trial – Angie’s list is one of the best review sites I’ve ever heard of for local contractors!  Why take the risk of a lousy worker that could do a worse job than you could do?  And the fact that it’s a free trial is icing on the cake!!!  Check it out!  The Blog World Paradox: a Blog Action Day Case Study – Darren brings up some great point about where they are having the day at!  Read his take on the day!

Watson IncGood Old Middle Class or Wealthy – You Decide Redux – Roshawn does an excellent job of using logic to examine the “Middle or Wealthy class” differents, and comes to the conclusion that just because you have a tight financial situation, doesn’t make you in the same wealth class as the middle classes are.  If you make $400,000 you are not middle class!  Get over it!  He also does an excellent job examining the taxes on the rich!  This article is a great read, check it out!  Actually Roshawn too had an excellent week of great articles, check them all out!!!

Wealth InformaticsExpiry dates for financial documents – How long should I keep my financial documents? – Suba covers a topic that isn’t often talked about in personal finances and that is how long to keep documents!  It’s good to read this kind of stuff!  Great job Suba!

Young and Thrifty:  Would You Rather Grow Up Wealthy… or Not?  Great article by Young about the pros and cons for growing up rich vs middle class.

My Favorite Post from the Week:

Normally, I’d put up my favorite post from the week, but in honor of Blogger Action Day I decided to post a more water friendly post called: 
Navy Shower

Till Monday, enjoy the games 🙂


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    • It’s funny, I feel the same way when I see my name is such a list. I’ve never met any of the bloggers above, but I consider most of them friends to by my friend (including you of course…)

      I think next week I’ll put the list of links in decending alphabetic order instead of ascending alphabetic… Just to switch it up a bit.

      I blatantly took the aphabetic order idea from Kris at “Everyday Tips and Thoughts”

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    • 7 minute shower would be great! I use to take at least 10 minutes, and if I was half-asleep perhaps 15 to 20 minutes (this is rare though).

      Next year, we’ll be more on that day!