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MR Cache 2010, Oct 24 – Visiting Family, The Brief Edition

Weekly Thoughts:

This weekend I’m visiting my sister’s family so this will be a shorter than usually post.  There were some great articles out there that I will miss today!  If you want a great list, go to or for a great list of articles to check out.

Next week, I”ll do a fuller list!..

My Brief Favorite Reads of the Week:

Watson, Inc –  Second Chance Round Up with Uncommon Money News – Roshawn talks about a guy that was destined to be successful.  But messed it up, and is now stable and has the potential to be like Dave Ramsey.

Everyday Thoughts and Tips – Vaccinations – What a Catch 22! – Everyday Tips brings up a great point about vaccinations and versus the causes of altruism.  Check it out for her take!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff –  Okay, I Am Being Debt Judgmental – I don’t think I would choose someone like BIFS describes.  Am I shallow?  You decided.

My Favorite Post from the Week:

I got to write about the financial independence similarities between personal finance and ”
The Shawshank Redemption – A Personal Finance Story“.  I had a lot of fun writing about it!

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