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MR Cache 2010, Oct 3 – Site Growing Pains

Weekly Thoughts:

First, I’m moving my site!  It’s time to go to a bigger, faster host!  So I’m running a little ragged this weekend!

Next, I just discovered another reason that I like to blog!   I was watching CNBC, and they had a guest speaker talking about how Buffett and the rest of the billionaires that he recruited to give over half of their money to charity, should instead invest in business so the economy can improve and unemployment would decline!

I just thought the speaker was cool because I advanced that idea too, but a few weeks ago.  I think billionaires should stimulating the economy by investing their money in small businesses or by becoming an Angel investor…  After all, Google was funded by an Angel investor, and they now employ and provide money for a lot of people!!!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Everyday Tips and ThoughtsDrinking On The Job – What Do You Think? In these times when unemployment so high, I find that this has to be the dumbest move I heard of, especially for workers with decent paying jobs!  Check it out, see if you are as outraged as I was!

Well Heeled BlogCarnival of Personal Finance: Little Red Riding Hood Edition – I’ve seen some pretty clever story and links blended posting before (including the Disney one that Well Heeled did in the past), but this was incredible.  My only regret was that I wasn’t part of it.

Budgeting in the Fun StuffDo You Have an Inner Entrepreneur?  – BFS is starting to think about all the options.  She makes great points!  Check out her proposal!

Coupon Sherpa:  Tacky or Thrifty, Couponing and First Date Etiquette  – Great article about the balance of being frugal and dating!

Frugal DadRadical Thoughts About Our Culture of Debt – While I don’t totally agree with RoShawn’s view on debt and credit cards.  For certain people, this article could be very helpful!  Like all of Roshawn’s posts, this is another well thought out writeup on the topic.  Check out his guest post at Frugal Dad.

Lazy Man and MoneyThe Silver Lining of Hitting Rock Bottom – Lazy man talks about when times where tougher in his life.  During those time, he scaled down his lifestyle, but now he’s created multiple income streams so those scary/lean times are a thing of the past!

Money NingFrugal or Tightwad? What Do You Think? – Vered DeLeeuw does some great analysis of being a Tightwad, even bringing up the freegans (who I admire, but won’t want to be).  Not familiar with the freegans?  Check out my article from Oct 2009 on them.

My Favorite Post from the Week:

This week, my favorite post was Disney World Seen From The Eyes Of A Child, because I miss it!  Unfortunately, my daughter (who is 6) didn’t quite see it with the level of enthusiasm that I did…

Closing Thoughts

It’s been another crazy busy week, hopefully next week things will be slower!


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