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MR Cache 2010, Oct 31 – A Look Back

Weekly Thoughts:

As I look into the blogosphere, I’m reminded of lines from books and movies that I have read or seen.  Lines such as “There are other worlds than these” and “How far down does the rabbit hole go”.

I’m constantly amazed as I step through the doorway of the just the personal finance blogosphere alone, how vast and broad it truly is.

I’m happy to be here in the small space that I exist!  It’s a remarkable place where any limitations that exists are forged by the blogger him or herself.  I hope that I can someday stand amongst those who cast the bright lights.  But for now, I’m happy to just emit a soft but warm glow…

My Brief Favorite Reads of the Week:

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff:  Festival of Frugality #253 – Frugal Halloween Costume Edition! – I usually don’t post a link of links (although I think I’ve said that before).  But Crystal has done such a great job of sprinkling clever Halloween costumes in the mix, I had to like to her links…

Everyday Thoughts and TipsThoughts For Thursday: I Hate School – I like to hear a mom say that she hates it when her kids go to school too.  I know some moms that look forward to shoving the kids off to school instead!  I think if I were a mom, I too would want my kids to hang with me all the time too!

Financial SamuraiThe Comfortable Lifestyle Business or The Big Payout? – Sam always provides original thought-provoking articles, and he doesn’t disappoint this time either!  This one was a fun one, as his readers (me), got to vicariously live in his poker group and field a question that he asked!  Check it out and voice your opinion!

Lazyman and Money7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Running a Printer – Great ways to reduce the cost of running a printer!  I hate printers, but they are a necessary evil, check out this article and see if you can save money too!

Len PenzoHow to Find A Low-Priced Plumber That Won’t Rip You Off – Great article to read so you don’t get ripped off!  I’m still mad about being overcharged from my $20 furnace part a few years back!

Mighty Bargain HunterNine frugal last-minute Halloween costumes that rely on puns – Another funny and great list of last-minute Halloween costumes!  These are also worth checking out!

Moolanomy:  How Shopping Can Actually Save You Money – Clever article about how shopping can save you money.  Nice job Mark!

My Journey To MillionsCreating a New Alternative Stream of Income–My First Non-Blog Website Part I Evan always has something going on!  Check out his newest on-line business!!!

Watson IncToyota Millionaires vs. Mercedes Millionaires – Roshawn discusses the 2 different types of car buying millionaires!  Great job as usually!

Well Heeled BlogSaving and Self-Deprivation, Do They Go Hand in Hand? – Sometimes it’s very hard to be frugal, Well Heeled brings up some great point about wanting to do thinks while she is young!  I would like to tell her to just grin and bare it.  But honestly, there are things to do while you are young that might not be the same when you are older.  So go for a balanced life or do as Crystal does and Budget in the Fun Stuff.  Great though provoking article!

My Favorite Post from the Week:

My favorite post on my site was: A Rare Special Frugal Activity With My Son – I liked it the best because I believe it’s something that I will remember forever!  He was so enthusiast about the entire process, that it made me enthusiast too!

Closing Thoughts:

My website pasted the 1 year threshold, but I’m going to hold off celebrating until next week.  It’s been a great year though!  I’ve really learned a lot!

11 Responses to MR Cache 2010, Oct 31 – A Look Back

    • I think a lot of millionaires are smart when it comes to value, and since toyota’s offers great value for the dollar… It’s only natural that they gravitate towards the toyota company!

      Great article!

    • Yeah, Sam! It has been great! It’s amazing seeing all the changes both to myself and the other bloggers and blogsites.

      It’s amazing the incredible network that you’ve created with the site, great work!

      Personally, I’ve changed a lot from when we started last year!

      I think you just gave me my blog topic for tomorrow 🙂

    • A video game party sounds awesome, especially for a teenage boy (or possible teenage girl) party!

      While I don’t play those games (too busy blogging), I know my peers do…

      Thanks for broadening all of our horizons! To me such parties sounds like win-wins for both the partiers and the business that provide the products!

  1. Thanks very much for the link. It really is a broad bunch that is for sure and it keeps us all filled with new thoughts which I love!

    • Yeah me too 🙂

      As I get more and more into a groove, my capacity to looks at more has improved… Or perhaps I’m becoming a faster reader!

  2. Thanks as always! I’m glad you liked the costume ideas…I’m hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction on the 15th and am already trying to think of some ideas, lol.

    Have a great week!