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MR Cache 2010, Oct 9 – Winning Across The Board!

Weekly Thoughts:

This was an exciting week for my family!  My daughter got another goal.  But even more impressive was that my son’s team won their divisional soccer championship!

I introduced my first comic strip on the website!  It might not look like much, it will grow into something more (I hope).

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Budgeting In The Fun Stuff: (Fit in a Fun Friday – The Renaissance Festival)  BIFS brings up a potentially super fun time at this festival.  While I think that my wife and I will enjoy this too, I’m even more excited for my kids.  It should be a great experience!  Thanks BIFS for expanding my entertainment arsenal.

Everyday Thoughts and Tips:  (To Annuity or Not to Annuity….)  Kris does an excellent analysis of Annuities!  The commenters further expand the topic, it’s a great read check it out if you want to know about annuities!

Financial Samurai:  (How To Make Six Figures A Year At Almost Any Age)  Sam is a great wordsmith, but an even better controversy creator!  He makes a great and convincing argument that almost anyone can make six figures, and I have to admit what he says rings true.  Since I don’t quite make six figures, the words also make me wince a bit.  Check out his post see if you agree!

First Gen (Settling Estate Disputes – Babci Style) – A battle between the mother and father of Sandy over their house.  It was a horrible battle, and you learn about how bad Sandy’s dad was.  Check it out!

Grumpy Rumblings from the Untenured: (RBOC) Random thoughts and writings from Nicole and Maggie!  Personally I like the octopi stories.

Jin6655321: (You’ve Been Saying that For the Past Five Years!)  What a great company experience.  Check it out and tell me if you think it would be awesome or what!!!

Len Penzo: (19 Tips for Saving a Bundle of Money on Home Appliances)  Len introduces some great tips for buying home appliances!  I have to admit, he includes a few that were new to me!  If you looking to buy or replace an appliance, check out his site first!

The Millionaire Nurse Blog: (Poverty Level is 14%:What Say You?)  This article looks at this 14% statistic from an absolute logical perspective.  I missed this article, and I thought it deserved to be reviewed!  So go read the article and tell Dean what you think!

Watson Inc: (The Problem with Being Budget Minded is Other People)  Roshawn does an excellent job of explaining why the group of friends you hang around can make a huge difference in your ability to save money.  Check out his great entertaining article!

My Favorite Post from the Week:

This week, my favorite post was: Financial Lesson For My Son – Savings.  My son started saving money and keeping track of it all by himself!  I was impressed!


19 Responses to MR Cache 2010, Oct 9 – Winning Across The Board!

  1. This looks like a great round-up, including articles I’m eager to read.

    Thanks for including us! We try to put in an octopus link on occasion just for you. 😉

    • Lol, yeah you’ve got me hooked on them!

      Actually there was a link at your site to a poorly but brilliantly drawn girl (in a red dress). The artist was brilliant! I hope you include more of her work too! I’ve never seen something dawn so simplistically, and yet brilliantly at the same time!!!

      • Is that hyperbole and a half? Her site is awesome, but she doesn’t update much (she’s gotten REALLY popular recently and I wonder if it’s a bit much for her). She’s linked on our blogroll near Simon’s Cat.

  2. Thanks for including MR!

    Looking forward to more comics, and congrats to the kids on their soccer success. My son is out until January with an injury, so my soccer viewing has been cut by 33 percent!

    • That would be pretty great! I do agree with everything you said…

      I only wince because it makes me realize that I’ve waste (just a little) time that could have been more productiively use to make more money and develop side businesses!