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Saving Money With Google Applications

In the past, I’ve written about “Saving Money With Google“, but I didn’t really delve deeply into the free wonderful applications that exists at Google!

Before I jump into the list, some people say that Google is a monopoly.  For those people, I say being a monopoly in nature just means that you are big and successful because you do a superb job at what you do!

Being a monopoly in itself isn’t bad nor illegal.  The only time that it’s bad is when the large company practices illegal monopolistic practices like gouging consumers and keeping competition at bay by underhanded deals with vendors and retailers.

Okay, so I’ve identified why Google isn’t the bad guy just because they are big and successful, now onto some of the ways for saving money with Google applications!

My Favorite Free Google Applications:

  1. Their search engine!  Yeah I know that search engines have always been free…  But theirs is good enough that they could charge a small fee if they really wanted too…
  2. Email, gmail…*  I’ve learned to really appreciated the power of their free email offering.  Additionally as an emailer that also have Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts, Gmail was a bit of an odd duck at first.  But once I realize their vision for the product, I became a big fan!  Try it you’ll like it (after you understand it).
  3. Calendar Application.  It rivals Outlooks calendar, but it’s freeeeee!  For a small business, this application and gmail is truly a powerful combination!!!
  4. MS Office-like application called Documents (similar to Word, Excel,PowerPoint, etc)!  Yeah, it’s a bit clunky and even slow at times, but still not bad!  I use it to store a lot of information so I can get to them from any computer, anywhere!  As the bandwidth in the US improves…  Their MS office-like application “Documents” will be a huge threat to Microsoft’s Office solution.
  5. Google Voice.  Here is the info directly from the Google description:
    Welcome to Google Voice. Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all of your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. Other cool features include the ability to listen in on messages while they’re being left, block unwanted callers, and make cheap international calls. We hope you enjoy using Google Voice.
    I can attest that I love it!  I now have very powerful free business phone system!
  6. Goog 411!  Yep, they even have a free information phone line.  I’ve used it and it’s great too!
  7. Google Map.  Who hasn’t used this powerful application.  Although with the advent of GPS this is becoming less of a force for navigation.  I wonder when Google is going to come out with Google GPS? (lol)
*Many in the list above require an gmail account in order to use them.  So if you are just starting your adventure in google applications, start with gmail!

Anyway, the list goes on and on!  I’d recommend that anyone interesting in maximizing the amount of money they can save, to consider using google and their great online applications whenever possible!

What do you think?  Google, friend or evil company hellbent on controlling the world and then the entire universe (muahahaha)…


13 Responses to Saving Money With Google Applications

  1. Yeah, I use a lot of Google as well. Very captivating thought of “paying” for Google’s search engine. I never thought of that, but I probably would have to. It really is that good!

    • To me, google is an amazing company! Full of free quality stuff, but a for profit company… truly amazing in my opinion 🙂

      I’m just starting to try all the cool apps in the google arsenal…

  2. Google is ruining my blogging life by withholding my page rank. Other than that though, I love them. I guess you could say that I have a love/hate relationship with them.

    You motivated me to open a gmail account though. Thank you!

    • Gmail is a bit different and has a humble look on the surface, but underneath the sheep’s clothing there is a lion lurching 🙂

      I’m starting to wonder if maybe your theme isn’t SEO optimized?

  3. You can even use gmail despite not using – They have a whole other side for business that I just learned about last month.

  4. i think i use google maps the most…well next to gmail. google voice seem interesting but i don’t feel there’s use for it for me right now. i also tried using calendar but it’s been hard to keep it updated on a regular basis. But overall, i love Google!

    • Google voice is pretty cool! You can set it up so that if someone calls the google phone number, it will ring on all phone listed in it’s configuration. That alone is pretty awesome.

      Let’s say you have an immediate but not critical emergency… Well instead of calling each friend, you can call this number and it will ring out to all the phone in the list! Pretty cool!

  5. i have always said it – but if there was a god online it would be Google. good or bad is debatable and not my point. Adsense is my favorite – an app that doesn’t save me money, but makes me gobs of it. I talk about this in my report How to Make a $1,000 Passive and Residual Income Stream All in Your Spare Time. A big component of the automation process is Google Adsense

  6. I love all these google apps. I like to check out the More option on the gmail menu to find new ones I haven’t used before.

    It’s amazing that they haven’t gotten the reputation of being a monopoly that Microsoft had in their heyday.