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Trophies in Life, Which Holds The Most Value?

When I was younger, I studied Tae Kwon Do.  I was pretty good at it because at my first tournament, I won first place for my division.  What especially made the victory “oh so sweet” was that everybody in my dojo said it would be a great experience for me, but said I wouldn’t win.  They based this believe on the fact that the tournament was a state-wide one with people coming up for it that lived hours away.  It was a very big tournament!

The 2 1/2 foot trophy is great, and I when I look at it, I still live some of the tournament challenges in my mind…  I remember the special kick that I invented and how I got nailed in the head with a spinning back kick from an opponent and how I overcame that opponent; and then how I won the last match after being down by 2 point.  But that was then and this is now!

As much as that trophy hold value for me, the picture of my family at Disney and the memories that it invokes is worth much more to me than my old karate trophy!  You see, my karate trophy is a memory that only I have…  My family isn’t part of it so it has little meaning to them, but the family picture of when we went to Disney, everybody remembers.  The karate trophy was one day in my life, whereas the Disney family picture was for a shared week for my family!

So while I like and value my karate trophy, I still value the photo of my family and I in Disney with Cinderella’s Castle in the background more so.

What common items have more value than your past trophies?  If there was a fire in my house and I had to choose between our Disney Family picture book or a my karate trophy, I wouldn’t even hesitate to grab the Disney family pictures…


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  1. I think my trophies are in a box somewhere in the storage room of my basement. So, if there was a fire, I probably couldn’t even get to them anyway! 🙂

    The obvious answer is pictures for me. I would also want to grab the boxes of stuff I have collected from my kid’s childhood. (Baby shoes, report cards, etc.)

    I really don’t care about anything else. If I had a ton of jewelry or bricks of gold under the bed, I suppose I would grab those.

    • Yeah, it’s funny what we really value! Pictures and videos of the kids when they were really small are priceless!

      Someday, I’m going to backup my computer data like those to an internet backup site! There are some great free ones out there, but they only have small offerings… like a gig or 2. Still that’s better than nothing!

  2. That’s a great point. I’m somewhat sentimental and have sentimental folders, boxes, files, etc. I suppose I would grab those because of the memories they hold. I am glad that we live in the digital age as well because some of these cherished things/souvenirs are digitized and stored both locally and remotely. At one point, I may systematically go through the things that I really value (family stuff & certain achievement, mementos) and make sure that they are all backed up in some form. I know someone who paid someone to do this (interesting concept indeed).

    • lol, I was just responding to Everyday Tips about how I was going to backup my pictures to an online backup site! I should have check out your comment first, then I could have just said “I going to do that same as Roshawn!”…

      We do make DVD disc backups of all the pictures from our digital camera. We then store host backups both at home and at our parents house (just in case…)

      It sounds like it would be a great business!

  3. I don’t think I have any trophies. I’m not sure that I ever won anything.

    Heck, I never got around to picking up my doctoral diploma.

    If there was a fire and the family and cats were safe, I’d go for my laptop. I should probably finish uploading baby pictures someplace off-site some time.

    • I know some people there were stars in high school sports, and they still cherish there trophies. I guess it’s the great memories that they have from that time, but not me…

      I think if it came down to their kid’s pictures or their trophies, they would pick their kid’s pictures too, or at least I hope they would.

  4. I have a ton of trophies and medals and can’t even remember which are first place and which are just for participation…

    If our house was burning slowly enough for me to grab stuff:

    1. Our dogs – honestly, if everything burned but Mr. BFS, me, and our dogs, I’d still be okay.
    2. My purse (camera, iPod, and wallet are all in there)
    3. Our main laptop (most of our photos)
    4. Our backup drive (the rest of our photos)
    5. Family jewelry – rings and necklaces from family and hubby. They are all in one place, so I’d grab and put those in my purse too.

    Notice I put all the above before actual clothing, so I’d be happy but almost naked…oh well…

  5. Not only am I smiling, but I have a tear in my eye. That is so touching! May I use that story this week end for my interview on Money and Values? And I am linking to this as well. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT!!

    • Thanks Barb!

      Most certainly you can link to this post! 🙂

      I know the stereotypes on TV always display guys as just football heads (and we are), but we also love our family and kids!

      Thanks for making me feel good about this post 🙂

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