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Another Big Stock Market Dip, What Did I Do?

Yesterday, the DOW stock market measure dipped 187 points, so what did I do?

I did nothing!

The market responded to something going on over in the Chinese government as they try to control inflation in China.  I’ve seen similar announcement like this before, the market drops like a bowling ball dropped in a toilet, then during the following week,  it recovers its losses.  In some way it’s like a broken record…

What I should have done was buy more quality stock or other investments while the market was low, but I froze.  I actually have money sitting. waiting for such a dip, but it’s hard to take that leap of faith, and I hesitated.

The market also took new about Walmart sales dropping slightly for same store sales.  But like last year and the year before that, it’ll be the day after Thanksgiving and the amount of shoppers out in the market on that day, that will determine if holiday sales are boom or bust.

I’ll admit, part of the reasons I hesitated was because I didn’t have any particular stocks that I wanted to buy.  The reason I didn’t have any stock that I was looking at, was not because of any stocks per se, but instead because I hadn’t really been following the market as closely as I usually do.

If I had done my homework, and had a stock lined up…  I might have jumped in.  Even with a stock lined up though, it’s still a hard decision when the forces that be are knocking the market down like a UFC fighter (like the old version of Chuck Liddell) throwing a knockout punch.

Most of us follow our hearts and stay put in such market downturns, or even worse sell shares…

Was anyone brave enough to jump in yesterday?


16 Responses to Another Big Stock Market Dip, What Did I Do?

  1. I haven’t even been watching the market lately. I really don’t know what to expect the market to do. There are too many governments out there trying to manipulate things and it’s anyone’s guess how the market will react.

    I wish investing could be done effectively by analyzing how a company is performing. That seems to be the smallest lever in moving stock prices these days.

    • Yeah, it’s crazy out there. I’ve seen the government approach the problem both from a supporter and attacker of business at the same time… Very, very crazy!

      Nicole just does mutual funds, and that’s most likely the best, safest route.

      • Just index funds– I’m not paying some mutual fund manager to make decisions that will only beat the market (on average) 50% of the time.

        I really need to fund our ROTH IRAs some time soon. Just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll do one of them today.

    • Ah, very true… I’m not an active trader like I use to be (not a day trader though…), but I still like to buy on big dips… although, like you say, with dividend stocks, it’s not quite as big of a deal 🙂

  2. I didn’t even know the market went down until about 8pm last night. Since I have started working again, I have not been watching the market nearly as closely.

    Had I had a plan,I may have taken the dive. I love dips!

    • My too. I haven’t been watching as closely either. A buddy at work told me that the market was down -275, which made me freak a bit… Of course, it was just a joke he was playing on me, but it worked!

  3. I threw the last $400 in to our Roth IRA that I could contribute for the year. I had already had it waiting (on accident) by contributing last week…I just forgot to actually buy anything, lol. So I putin the order to buy shares of our Fidelity 2040 mutual fund yesterday after work. 🙂

    • I was sad! The stock I had made up half of the ground they lost yesterday… I should have just bought more of what I had…

      Congrats on jumping in while it was low!

  4. It took a huge dip! So much for lovely September and October 🙂

    I have some USD that I have waiting to pounce on something too, but am still humming and hawing. I did buy some bond ETF’s though today.

  5. lol, I was just about to write a long reply before I realised this was referencing 2010 – Anyway, since Ive found your blog Ive given myself aheap more readin to do (thanks! lol) – seriously though… heres to profitable and safe trading…