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Like Father, Like Daughter: J Comic #1 – Mr Plate Runs

I showed my Saturday comic series on my blog to my6-year-old daughter and she loved it!  Since my comic strip series does look a bit like a kid’s cartoon, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised…

So without further ado, Here is the comic strip created by my 6 year old daughter!

Kid's comic strip
My Daughter's First comic

Thanks J!

My daughter loves to write books!  She usually averages 1 or 2 a day easily!  Part of her books creating process  is drawing the illustrations.  Once she saw my comic, she know that she could help out by creating a comic strip of her own!  So that this exactly what she did!

I think kids are great and any additional encouragement that they can get is wonderful!  So I was both happy and honored to let her include her comic strip series on my site!

Here is some background information about her comic strip:

  • My daughter did all the artwork herself
  • I scanned the image up and helped colored them in.  I also made some lines darker because of scanner issues.
  • My daughter did the word bubbles and all of the text!
  • I’m very proud of her for offering to help me with the blog!

I hope you enjoyed the comic strip from my 6-year-old daughter!  She’s always been artistic and helpful.  I know that her post will be one of my most favorite ones, especially as time folds!

So if you can leave a comment for her, I’m sure she would love it.  Afterall, I’m sure she’ll be reading them 🙂



21 Responses to Like Father, Like Daughter: J Comic #1 – Mr Plate Runs

  1. Yeah, I think my daugher’s comic is funnier too. Mine revolves around personal finance and well there are only so many funny things you can do that. I’m thinking of removing the pf restriction on my comics too.

    If she wants too! I thought it was great that she wanted to contribute! She really is great! I’m very proud of both my daughter and son! 🙂

    • Since she’s only 6, I’m sure she’ll be drawing better than I can soon enough.

      Some of her drawings in her books are too cute!

      My drawings at age 6 were always of the snoopy (which I can draw fairly well), and horrible monsters (which actually looked pretty cool).

      • I drew a lot of barns and tents at age six. I’m a bit better with mathematical drawing than with anything that isn’t a geometric shape.

  2. Wow. Your daughter could have an amazing future in writing children’s books if she keeps that up. She has a great imagination, and she probably won’t need to hire an illustrator. I loved this. You simply MUST keep posting her little creations.

  3. Great stuff! She seems bright and talented.

    As a father of a 7-year old daughter, I can appreciate your pride.

    By the way, I like the drumstick’s expression:)

    • Thanks, it’s a project that we worked together on.

      She drew the picture and came up with the joke text, and I scanned it into the computer. next together, we touched it up, and colored it together!

      Who would have guessed that blogging can be a father and daughter thing 🙂

  4. Awesome, your daughter could have an amazing future in writing children’s books if she keeps that up. Please keep posting her little creations regularly. I love it.