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MR Cache 2010, Nov 21 – Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Day
Pre-Thanksgiving Day for Me

Weekly Thoughts:

My sister lives to far away to go to Thanksgiving at both my parents and her husband’s parents.  So today, we are having Thanksgiving a week earlier at my parents house so they can still enjoy the holiday in both parent’s house.

So far it’s been pretty nice, although we have to worry about my parent’s killer dog!  When I first got to the house, the dog charged me snapping as she ran towards me.  I said “Hey”, and she retreated as quickly as she came barking the entire time as she escaped.  Once she’s inside the house, she submissive (actually more evasive than submissive), I worry about my kids being around the dog.

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Watson Inc.The American Dream: Asset or Liability? – I decided to do something different with Shawn’s site today…  I went back to the past to see what Shawn use to write about in 2006!  And surprisingly, out of the gate, he was spot on even back then!  This article impressed me and I think it will with you too (even if it was wrote 4 years ago), nice job Shawn!

Everyday Tips and ThoughtsDoing What You Love, Or Loving What You do?… – Sometimes you do what you have to do to keep food on the table, but Everyday Tips brings up some great points.  Check

Budgeting in the Fun StuffHave You Heard of Hypermiling? I’ve heard of Hypermiling, but I haven’t heard much discussion about it lately, but we should!  Especially as gas prices in my neck of the woods are over $3.00 again!  Check it out and save some money!

Buy Like BuffettHow to Start an Investment Club – A secret dream of mine has been to start an investment club!  Ever since I was in my 20s, I’ve always wanted to establish such a club.  Unfortunately, my day employer has rules that prevents me from doing so.  But if you are thinking of doing such a club, check this article out!

My most Popular Post from the Week:

This week it was Like Father, Like Daughter: J Comic #1 – Mr Plate Run – It’s my daughter’s first comic, so how could it not be my favorite post 🙂

Closing Thoughts:

This was yet another tight weekend!  Again I didn’t get all the post I wanted to add, but it’s peudo-Thanksgiving Day for me!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend (yes, I’ll be celebrating that Thanksgiving too, except only at my wife’s parents!)!


11 Responses to MR Cache 2010, Nov 21 – Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Wow, I’m completely floored that you went back so far for two reasons: 1) I have revisited that topic previously and plan to do so again sometime in the near future) and 2) I wasn’t expecting to be included in any round ups this week because I haven’t released any content on my own site.

    Side note, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging that long. That’s back when I did so once a month I think. Well, it’s good that my writing is consistent 🙂

    Cheers! Thanks so much for the include and the kind comment!

    • Yep, you were rock solid all the way back then too!

      I was more impressed that even then you were spot on! 🙂

      I think there is a lot of great information in our archives… It also shows how we develop as a blogger, and is just plain interesting!

      I noticed that you didn’t release anything new, so I went back in time, just to see how you’ve changed. And you have for the better, but still you message was consistent!

      Kudos to you sir!!!

      Nice job!

  2. I hate that dog on your behalf!

    Hope the food was all good. I ended up with McDonald’s tonight! (But the salty fries were just what I needed!)

    Thanks for the include!

  3. Happy pseudo-Thanksgiving! You lucky dog with two days to have a big feast.

    Kris, I had salty fries yesterday with a McRib. I just love those sandwiches and they’re only around a short time!

    Our dinner tonight is meatloaf and scalloped potatoes. Last meal I cook before Thursday.

    • Yeah, my parent’s new german shepard is mostly black and a very pretty sleek dog. But she is so timid, it’s like the classic information to beware of the timid dog, because they are the dangerous unpredictable ones!