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MR Cache 2010, Nov 28 – Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Weekly Thoughts:

Well, we went to my in-law’s house for Thanksgiving (we did my parent’s house this past Saturday).  It’s our new tradition to split up Thanksgiving into two day instead of one.

I can’t believe this year is almost over, it went by so quickly.  While it wasn’t horrible, I’m not entirely sure I maximized my use of 2010.  So next month I will be doing a lot of rethinking my entire direction in life!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Budgeting in the Fun StuffTop 5 Reasons Not to Budget – Crystal brings to light some of the reasons that you might not want to create a budget.  She brings to light some great points, but as she states once you master your budget, it only takes a few hours a month!  Check out her reasoning!

Canadian Finance BlogWays To Save Money – An incredible index to great articles on how to save money!  Very well done!!!

Cashflow Sherpa:   Maximizing Your Finances and Experiences – This is my guest hosting post at Cashflow Sherpa.  If it were at my site, it would easily be my favorite this week!  The message in my post is very true and worth a read!

Cents To SaveNote to Self I should write a note to myself too!  I need the motivation!!!

Everyday Tips and ThoughtsJust In Time For the Holidays – Sweet Potato Casserole, and Not A Marshmallow In Sight – Usually I pass on this dish at Thanksgiving, but Everyday wrote such a great article and recipe on it, that I decided to try it out.  It was fabulous!  This may be my favorite dish as Thanksgiving now (perhaps only second to Pecan Pie)!

Financially PoorWhat’s Really Causing The Down Economy? – Good point, and another think would be to stop watching so much TV too!

First Gen AmericanThings that annoyed me this week – Nice rant!  I think we can find something that we agree with in this very detailed rant!  Personally, mine was Healthcare…

Free From BrokeOur Daughter’s Allowance and ING Direct – What a great way to handle the entire Allowance bit!  I still have to make change for both of my kids, but this sounds like a much better way.  I would follow suite if it were for the company I work for and their compliance rules.  Check out FFB’s article, I’m sure you’ll find it to be a great idea!

Green Panda Treehouse:  The Importance of Money During The Holiday Season – Enjoy this year’s holiday season!  There won’t be anymore like it ever!  This article is getting the most bang for your buck, and I think it’s a great idea!  Life is short!  Enjoy!

Grumpy Runblings of the UntenuredOur birth Nicole and Maggie has a very uniquely named blog!  I always guessed where it came from, but in this post they go through the steps in coming up with it.  A funny and interesting read!

Len PenzoHow to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree (In 3 Easy Steps) – We do and saw our own Christmas Tree every year, it’s on of our best Christmas tradition, but Len identifies things that I didn’t know!  Now we’ve never suffered from not knowing the information Len provides, it’s still very interesting!

Planting DollarsWhy You Should Consider a Leap Frog Retirement Strategy – Interesting thoughts on working and retirement!  I’m more of a turtle, but the frog strategy will work for a certain segment of the population too!

Redeeming Riches:  4 Online Shopping Tricks to Cut Holiday Costs – Great tips, especially since I’m looking forward to Cyber-Monday!

Retire By 40retirebyforty’s money flowchart I like it!  Check it out!

Simple Financial LifestyleHow a simple “NO” can simplify your personal finances – This could save some people a lot of money if they would follow the tips in this article!

Spruce Up Your Finances3 Poor Savings Habits and 4 Tips on How to Overcome Them – Both the problems and the solutions!

Watson Inc.The Rich Get Richer – Great thought provoking article that was very well wrote and makes you thing!  Nice job again Shawn!

Wealth ArtisanSuccessful Planning: 5 Lessons Learned From A Garage Door Remote Clever very clever…  That’s all I’m going to say!

Young and ThriftyWeekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: Inadvertent Savings Edition – It really pays to not go with the flow and just pay for service that wasn’t agreed upon in the first place!

My Favorite Post from for the Week:

This week it was ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT, the irony is that this wasn’t even written by me, it’s a guest post!  It really struck a cord with me though, so that’s why it’s my favorite…

Closing Thoughts:

The year is almost over!  If you have been delaying starting something, do so now!  Don’t wait for next year, start now!!!  To often we procrastinate waiting for some sign or something or other.  This just prolongs your action, possible so long that you forget about it, or change your mind!

Don’t fall into this trap!


18 Responses to MR Cache 2010, Nov 28 – Thanksgiving Day Dinner

  1. I can’t believe my rant made your roundup.

    I also like to use that week between Xmas and New Years to think about the following year. My financial goals have been so simplistic this year and I think I need to think bigger next year.

    • I find that sometimes a good rant is something that we can all find common ground on. So I was read your detailed rant, I was going yep, yep…

      The week you mention is a great time for reflection, but for me when inspiration strikes, I have to take advantage of it.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention MR 🙂

    I love your inspirational message at the end too- it’s so sad that the year is already almost over! Just yesterday it seemed like it was summer.

    Time really flies 🙁

  3. So glad you tried sweet potato casserole – you are growing up! 🙂

    I can say I was not a fan of 2010 at all, and I am ready to enjoy 2011. I think starting my blog and all the things that went along with that is one of the few positives from this year.

    Great roundup!

    • I’ve like sweet potato (this is what my family always had). The idea of brown sugar mix in just seemed like too much for me. But it was great (my wife’s parents make it)!

      Yeah, blogging has been fun, but perhaps that is part of what made 2010 go so quickly. 🙂

  4. “While it wasn’t horrible, I’m not entirely sure I maximized my use of 2010. So next month I will be doing a lot of rethinking my entire direction in life!”

    While this sounds pretty deep. I know you will turn your dissatisfaction with not maximizing 2010 into a wonderful 2011!

    Thanks for the link!

    • I hope so, 2010 went too quickly and filled with times that I didn’t enjoy near as much as I did in 2009!

      In December, I’ll get out my ole trusty spreadsheet and use it to focus my thoughts for next year…