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Watching NFL Football, The Best and Worst Value For Your Money

Today, I’d like to talk about the value of being entertained by NFL Football games.

First, I’d like to talk about the value of buy a ticket and going to the actual football game at the stadium! 

Attending a NFL football games in a stadium can be incredibly expensive versus the value gained!  

  • What happens if your team loses?
  • Is it really worth waiting in the traffic driving to and from the game?
  • Does your stadium vendors take all credit cards?  My team’s stadium only takes Visa, but I own mostly MasterCard credit cards…
  • Do you like to buy small $5.00 plastic cups of beer?  I don’t…
  • Did I mention the cost of  the hotdogs?  Talk about a monopoly…
  • At least the crowds are always so courteous and respectful (lol)
  • Often time, you can only go with a family member or few friends.  After all, who else can afford it?  I can’t…

If you are younger, perhaps it would be a better experience to just tailgate before and during the game?

Now we’ll consider the best value of the NFL entertainment.

  • At home Football parties!  If these are rotated between your friend’s houses, it can be a great time!
  • Fantasy football!  For some, this will make football very enjoyable (I know I do via this game).  Being at home means you can sit on the waiver wire (am I being too obsessive…, perhaps a bit)
  • This can also be a great family experience.  We all root for our home team.
  • Buying beer, pop and food at home (for a party) is much cheaper than the cost of stadium food!
  • No long drives home!
  • You can invite all your friends, and their friends over.
  • You can root more loudly, and laugh more fully!

So I guess it comes down to how you value your NFL football viewing experience! 

It’s definitely worth going to the stadium a few times just to experience the raw enthusiasm and emotions of the crowd. 

Everybody has their own individual take on the it, but as a frugal personal finance blogger, I go for what I consider the maximum value!  So I usually pass on going to the stadium (unless I can go for free, thanks to richer friends)!  Besides, I have a better time at home with friends, where it’s affordable. 

Am I missing some additional value to be gained by going to the statium?    Please do tell…

Occasionally, we go to the home high school football stadium games where we support our high school team, perhaps that’s enough stadium experience for us.


11 Responses to Watching NFL Football, The Best and Worst Value For Your Money

  1. I don’t get into football. I hate how emotional I can get over what in the end is just a game, so I try not to get sucked in. I have enough distractions with blogging.

    My husband loves it, so it’s always on in our house and now my 5 year old is hooked as well.

    • Ah, that means you get a golden ticket to do blogging with no interruptions!

      I tried to blog during the game, but I get sucked in. Especially on the home state team…

  2. there is a 3rd way to enjoy the game frugally. You can get a sales, engineering or sourcing job. Many companies host customers at these types of events and it’s free to the customer or salesperson.

  3. I have no desire to watch football, but I do love baseball. I have to go a couple times a season just because I love seeing that green field in person and watching warm ups. It is expensive, but my son and I have a wonderful time, and that cannot be measured by dollars.

    However I do agree with you for every other sport. Plus, I watch a ton of baseball games on tv for the very reasons you mentioned.

    • Historically (except when I was 7 to 10 years old), I didn’t really like football much either.

      But I figured I better try to follow it, just to give my son the opportunity to have some enthusiasm around it. But like father, like son… he really doesn’t have much interest in it either.

      Participating in Fantasy Football does make in enjoyable for people like me though!

      But it could be because we are Browns fans, so there hasn’t been much to look forward to, until this year. (yes, their 3-6 record is good for the browns… 🙁 ).

  4. I am an avid football fan, believe it or not. In fact, I have two favorite teams–one I consider my short-term investment and one more of a higher-risk, long-term investment. (Emotional investments, not financial.)
    In regards to going to the game versus watching it from home, I say moderation is the key. I

    love going to a live game (professional only, thank you), but it’s expensive. So, it’s only something that gets budgeted for once every couple of years. Anything more is a waste of money, anything else and I forget what the fun is in having extra money saved up.

    • Fantasy Football is addicting and fun to boot! I started playing to re-acclimate myself with the sport. My son didn’t show any interest so I dropped out, to make room for others that were waiting to get in the league (at work).

      I’ll do it just to fit in with some of my friends, but it’s not something I really get into. I do like playing poker with a game playing in the background though! 🙂