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Becoming Super?

What makes a person change ?  Is it financial ruin, or perhaps a near death experience?

Most people are resistant to change, or they don’t know how to change.  Oh sure, by working out we can change the shape of our bodies, losing weight or gaining muscle, but what about changing the way we think and perceive things?  It’s not so easy, huh?

We hear about it time and time again, where people who are now rich once lived out of their cars.  Such people include Jewel, J. K. Rowlings, Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Cramer all claim to have lived either on the street or out of their car at one time.

So is it desperation and the fight to survive that make such individuals keep running until they achieve their goals?  Perhaps this is why many immigrants climb the ladder to success more easily.  Maybe it because they have that continual drive.

But business/financial success is just one part of the puzzle.  There are other attributes that make an individual super.  Perhaps being super health, or super sociable are just as important, if not more so!

I think the biggest obstacle in becoming better at things is the fear of trying or the fear of being ridiculed.  We see TV make fun of such people, calling them losers, dreamers or nerds and so we instantly associate stupidity with being a non-conformist attempts.  It’s hard to be super, when everybody is the bad guy trying to keep you down!

I admit, I come from a family that such efforts and ideas get sly smiles and ideas get shot down instantly.  It’s hard to believe when your friends, family and spouse are non-believers…

Do you have any obstacles to overcome to accomplish more out of life?


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24 Responses to Becoming Super?

    • I agree, we have all thoughts of some great ideas that get shot down by others.

      Then later we discover that someone else ran with a similar idea and we get more upset with ourselves…

  1. @Lisa: Agree with you. Fear is probably the greatest barrier to success. If you find others holding you back, don’t share your ideas. Accomplish and then share the results.

  2. And don’t discount sheer laziness. Work is fun and all, but it isn’t as fun as reading novels. When I clean the house instead of working, that’s probably fear. When I read a novel instead of working…

    • Yeah, I know what you mean! I’ve danced around a particular hard task that needed done by doing other more simplistic work that routine.

      Is reading a book laziness or just a lack of prioritization and responsibility?

  3. I am going to have to agree with Nicole on this one…Laziness is the number 1 barrier. I truly believe that 99.8% of people WANT to be successful and wealthy, but don’t want to do all that it takes to become both.

    • Perhaps, but I think most lazy people are lazy because they don’t believe in themselves… but I’m sure there is a portion that truly just want to sit and watch TV…

  4. Great post. I think it is a combination of factors: fear, laziness, and possibly a lack of ‘know how’.

    People compensate for their shortcomings in so many ways. People of average intelligence may work harder than anyone and find success. On the other hand, some of the smartest people just have no clue of where to go or what to do with their lives, and they may never find the success they are capable of.

    I know even with my blog, it was so hard for me to hit the Publish button that first time. I was so afraid that everyone would mock my writing, or that nobody would ever read what I wrote. I still hesitate once in awhile, but it does take awhile to get over fear, that is for sure.

    • I directly relate. Shoot, I was even intimidated when leaving comments on other blog sites. Blogging has been a confidence builder for me, not to mention the improvements in my communication skills…

  5. For me, it is the challenge that motivates me. I don’t think about the rest. There are exceptions such as cleaning out the garage, learning a foreign language and trying to be patient.

  6. I think that people are not inherently lazy, and do want to achieve greatness. Many people, anyway. The thing is, I think many don’t have the right knowledge of how to get to where they want to go, and thus lack confidence that they’ll be able to acheive grand goals. I think it comes down to that resignation of being average, and lack of successful role models in front of them.

    This is a mindset that many people have, whether they realize it or want to admit it. I’m trying to break out of this.

    • I totally relate with you on this. I think we are all brainwashing into thinking that only the Bill Gates of the world can start a business and be successful.

      TV and the media make fun of those that try and fail. But a few hundred years ago, that’s what we all did… Be it farmer, or whatever.

      I think without the support of family, friends and your spouse (if you are married), it’s much harder.

  7. I’ve changed a lot since I came to the US. I had to learn a new language, culture, way of life, way of thinking. And I worked hard to get myself where I am now. Laziness is a luxury I cannot afford.

    • That type of mindset is exactly why many immigrants are able to pass domestic folk up financially. In some ways it is almost a disadvantage being born over here. Probably because it’s easy to be average and still do well here.

    • I’m sure I couldn’t keep up with your pace…, but I know what you mean by being envious of people that are happy from the simplest of things and activities.

      Often I think if I was just a little less inquisitive and didn’t think the thoughts that I do, life would be much easier.

  8. Fear and determination are great “drivers” to achieve success.. I think.

    When you have so little, you dream big, you don’t dream ‘oh, one day I want to make minimum wage and live just like how I did when I grew up’.

    But when you have stuff handed to you without needed to work for it, one does easily develop that complacent attitude, because there’s nothing to strive for… who strives for maintenance? 🙂

    I didn’t know that Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Cramer is said to have lived out of a car/ street.

    • Kiyosaki and his wife lived out of a car for 3 weeks. Jim Cramer for 9 months…

      Amazing huh!

      Good point about “who strives for maintenance”!

  9. I think to achieve true greatness (ie to be the top dog at anything), it requires sacrifice and drive. I think that most people are just not willing to put the time in to get the 6 pack abs. Mediocre is good enough.

    I also think it’s your environment. If you live in Boulder, CO where everyone bikes to work and does triathalons, you’re much more likely to get into shape than in other places.

    I’m using a lot of weight analogies here..must be the new year, but it’s alot harder to lose that last 5 pounds. People like the 80/20 rule, including myself. What will get you the most bang for your buck? Usually it’s not being the #1 top person at something. Participating in a 5K is a lot easier than actually winning it and it’s almost as good.

  10. even-though fear plays a big part in taming one’s dreams, I believe it is passion that takes you from 0 to hero. Passion is the key to success.

    On the other hand, does everyone know what he/she is passionate about? Finding out what you love might be harder than it seems.