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Funny Money Comic 7, Passing on Lattes

Mr Penny Gets Advice?
Mr Penny Gets Advice?

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Comic Strip Notes:

It amazes me that my friend who is as smart as I am, if not more so, continues to have no will power.  He’s a great guy but geez, a little restraint would be a great thing!

Links to 3 Funny or Interesting Sites:

I want to be a Cat I would hate to be a cat!

The less desirable roommate!  Most of us have been here before!

Len Penzo:  Black Coffee: A Little Fun with Bono and the Banker Bullies – Not to be outdone by Brad at EOD, Len decided to not eat at all for 2 months (lol)!  Len’s is always witty and make useful information fun!

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8 Responses to Funny Money Comic 7, Passing on Lattes

  1. Ah, but what great comic fodder!

    Sort of like the job market candidate the other night who, after giving a disastrous job talk, decided (s)he didn’t want the job and came to the dinner drunk, used the f-word every third sentence and was explaining loudly how she didn’t want to work in our department and neither should the one assistant professor (also present) that she liked (she pointed at me when discussing the professors she did not like). Apparently after I left she got so loud that patrons across the restaurant could hear her swearing.

    • No way! How rude!

      We can’t please everyone in life… She sounds like a real mess, hope she changes her tune in these hard times!

      At least you’ll ever see her again 😉

  2. […] Funny Money Comic 7, Passing on Lattes. I look forward to reading each week’s cartoon and this one doesn’t disappoint.  There is no magic way to become financially secure.  He is also hosting the Yakezie carnival this week! (Money Reasons) […]