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Funny Money Comic 8, When to Pick Up Money

When to Pick Up Money!

When to Pick Up Money
When to Pick Up Money

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Comic Strip Notes:

I have a friend that is too big to pick up small change (if it’s silver, I’ll pick it up), but if he saw someone drop a $50…  Well, he would keep the $50 and act like he didn’t see the person who dropped the money.  While I would tell the person, I guess this is definitely one of the lesser evils…  I’m sure some would view this as an opportunity and may actually even make their day!

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15 Responses to Funny Money Comic 8, When to Pick Up Money

  1. Personally, I think it would be sleazy to not inform someone of dropped money. That’s just my value judgment though. I just think of how I felt during times when I loss money and it was returned and when it wasn’t.

    • I agree! I once lost my wallet and was excited when someone called that they found it. But even when I went and picked it up, the cash was gone 🙁

      Back then I was only 16, so I was devastated…

    • It’s definitely a gray area… I would definitely try to get ahold of the person how dropped the money!

      After all, they could really need it!

      Now if I found money on the ground and nobody was around… well that’s mine!

      If I were in a store, I’d report the money to the office and give the manager my phone number, then have anyone asking about the missing money to call me.

    • I’m not to proud to pick up change! I do ignore the pennies if people are around though. if it’s just me, I’ll pick it up for the kid’s piggy banks!

      If I find a loose $20 floating around, I’ll keep it if nobody is around, but if it’s over $1,000… I would probably inform the police too.

    • I find that it depends on where you lost it at! I was in a pretty rough end of town when someone took all the money out.

      At least someone did call and return it though, even if it didn’t have any cash inside…

  2. Very creative (and true to life) comic strip. I pick up change no matter what. (Remember, the pennies bring good luck!!)

    If someone dropped money, whether it was a dime or 100 dollars, I would catch up to them and give it to them. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.

    • Yeah, same here 🙂

      Of course later I would have “bad guy’s” remorse… “If I only would have kept that $1,000 dollars!!!” (lol), not really, but perhaps if I was hungry enough… I’ve never been truly hungry, so I’m not even going to guess…

  3. I used to ignore change on the ground. My friend taught me to always pick up change. She said it brings luck. So, I now I pick up change from the ground. But not saying to someone that they dropped money, even ten cents, is stealing.