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Funny Money Comic 9, Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening
Are You Listening?

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Comic Strip Notes:

I have conversations with people and they just tune me out.  I use to think that people were idiots, but now I’m starting to question the way that I communicate my ideas.  Perhaps the truly great speakers, are the ones have the perfect mix of sound, way of speaking and grammar!

I started blogging as a means to aid my communicate skills, and I can tell that I do write better now, but I”m not so sure about my vocal skills though.  Perhaps next year I will expand even further into the podcast arena…

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15 Responses to Funny Money Comic 9, Are You Listening?

    • Yeah, my son will say “Huh”, and I’ll explain what I was talking about again, then he’ll say “Huh” when I’m finished..

      Then I’ll give him a dirty look and he’ll replay what I said in his mind and answer me. Drive me crazy…

  1. No MR, often times, people just aren’t listening. So often people are just biding their time until they can tell their own story that they tune the other person out.

    Working on listening skills, now that is a great thing! 🙂

    (I am partially just kidding here. It is always good to work on any facet of communication skills. I am just saying I do wish people were better listeners.)

    • I use to think it was funny that a certain project manager would paraphrase his main ideas at least 3 times, but now I think I understand why he did so!

      I’ve even had people read a memo and exclaim that I didn’t mention this or that. Then when I cut the excerpt from the email and send it to them again, they get mad but quiet… Typically, no “I’m sorry, I must have missed that”, just silence… Funny really.

  2. Money Reasons,

    I really think that many people truly are bad listeners. My wife and I work really hard on our listening skills because it helps so much to be able to know where someone is coming from, even if they aren’t interested in what we have to say. I don’t stress like I used to when people don’t listen, as I know that their inept listening skills primarily hurts them.

    • I’m just starting to come to that conclusion too. It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one! I don’t get upset like I use to do, now when I hear an idea I presented early, I just smile inside knowingly, and let it pass.

  3. There are times when people completely misunderstand what I just said. I would then wish, I would’ve been better off if they’d only tuned me out!


    • I’ve been in that scenario too! It’s almost like they took your entire speech and twisted it and inputed thing that didn’t exists.

      I hate when people read between the lines… because sometimes there are no lines there and it’s not what I meant.

      Oh well, I think if I just do as the prod. manager I mentioned above and repeat myself 3 times in similar ways… hopefully my point will sink in 🙂

    • lol, the dot, that’s me on my site. I also like to think of me being the point of reasons,

      Unfortunately, I’m also a very small voice of reason. There’s more symbolism with why I’m just a dot, but I don’t want to do too deep…