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How To Win Without Even Trying

So How does one win without even trying?  2 words:

Blogger Giveaways!

Yep, that’s right!  It’s so easy winning stuff via Blogger giveaways that sometimes all you need to do is visit one of many great sites, and just leave a comment!  I’ve personally won 2 giveaway prizes this way!

You see, very often a newer growing blog site will have an occasional giveaway in celebration of a milestone accomplished!  Being a reader of many different sites, I’ll leave a comment saying “Congratulations”.  Now with these celebrations, the bloggers may have a giveaway, and the criteria for the giveaway is just for a comment to be left on the site.  So even though I didn’t really try to win a prize, my name would be entered anyway because I left a comment, thus enabling me to win without me really trying!

When you play the lottery, your changes of winning are minuscule  let’s be generous and say .0001% (that’s pretty slim!)

But when you try for a giveaway on a blog site, you chances might be 1 in 8 for a $50 and higher gift certificate!  That’s a 12.5 percent chance of winning!!!  If you consider sometimes there are more than 1 prize your odds even go up higher!  I’ve seen some sites literally give 1 prize for all commenters!  How’s that for great odds!!

Giveaways are also great  because they are win-wins!  Often you get to check out a great site, and at the same time you get to enter a winnable contest! it’s fun to win (especially when you aren’t trying to)!

My Thoughts:

The point of this post is to get you to see the alternatives instead of just the huge wins.  Contests don’t always have to have a huge payout and the odds of winning is drastically better than of winning the state lottery.

This past year, I blogged about such a win in my blog post called “My Close Friend Won A House“!  Now granted the total value of the house and prizes equaled hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the odds were much better than winning the state lottery.  Would it surprise you to learn that she said she hasn’t ever played the state lottery?  Yep, as lucky as this friend was, she realize that the odds of her winning the state lottery was so incredible low that she didn’t think it was worth it!  I think I calculated she really had only a bit better than 1% chance of winning her house, but that was well over 1000 times better odds than trying to win the State lottery!

Plus the beauty of blogger giveaways/contests are that they don’t cost anything to enter!  You don’t have to pay for a ticket or even pay for a stamp for submission!  And even the shipping of the gift to your house the blogger typically pick up!  It’s a win-win!

The only reason that I bring this point up is that I myself didn’t realize how easy it was to get free stuff from these blogger’s giveaways… until I won a few by accident!


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30 Responses to How To Win Without Even Trying

  1. I recently entered such a giveaway for some kitchen knives. The comment I wrote for my entry was “If I win these knives, I will stab myself in the foot with them.”

    For some reason, I didn’t win…

    • I’ve won books and smaller prizes, but they make great gifts for relatives!

      Like the Financial Samurai said, I want to win an Ipad!!! (shoot, or even an Iphone for that matter).

    • You are right, initially I had the grand idea of introducing a giveaway page and this was the intro to it, but I cut that part out because of the holidays…

      You’d be surpised how many people have never tried for a blogger giveaway! Heck, I never tried for a giveaway before… but I know to do so now 🙂

  2. I expected the same for my recent giveaway, but it netted 904 entry forms filled out. Still, to your point, the odds weren’t bad for winning. With 18 prizes, that comes out to pretty decent odds for simply filling out a free entry form.

    For those contests with very few entries, those odds become ridiculously good.

  3. here is a thought…

    unless you are a reader there is no way of knowing about a giveaway…

    so . . .

    how about an aggregator service portal that compiles these (like coupon sites) and notifies you of offers when they are posted?

    question is, how would one monetize such an offering? through ads perhaps? how does the portal stay abreast of latest and greatest? perhaps a small incentive to those who submit news about blogs giving stuff away?

    anyone want to keep the ball rolling on this?

    • Wow Sunil!

      That’s pretty brilliant!

      I meant to introduce a page with giveaways the I know of on my site with this article, but I changed my mind because of Christmas.

      But your idea around giveaways takes it to an entirely new level!

      As for monetizing the site, I would get some type of Ads?

      For submitters, perhaps a link back to their site?

    • Go to Google, click on the “more” button on top left (next to “gmail”), then click on “blogs”. It should redirect you to another Google search site and from there search “give away”. You can find (literally) millions of blog give away.

      Some of the give away are really awesome but I found it to be kind of a soul sucking experience. There are SO many bad blogs out there that exist only to do give aways and contests and advertise useless stuff. I don’t blame anyone for monetizing their site but the main focus should be their passion, not ads. Now I only enter giveaway from blogs that I follow.

      Money Reason is right, it’s easy, fast and free. However, it does take a bit of an organization since a lot of blogs will only notify the winner via their blog. So, if you don’t follow it regularly you have to remember to check back on the announced date to see if you win; kind of hard to do when you’ve been entering tons of giveaway on random blogs you’ve never visited before.

      • I didnt’ know that! Thanks for the great tip!!!

        I’m always amazed that there is to learn out there, it seems like the more I know, the more I have yet to learn…

        And I’m just talking from a internet users perspective!!!

  4. Have you ever heard of the acronym TINSTAAFL? It means there is no such thing as a free lunch. Freebies make me suspicious, therefore I stay away. I am probably missing out, but I don’t think I will change.

    • I use to be the same way, but I’ve recently found out that there are such things as free lunches, but only up to a point until the strings are attached!

      Most blogger want you to sign up as a reader or add their accounts to your twitter account, or other such things, but not all! And besides, that really doesn’t cost you anything.

      After winning 2 prizes without even trying, I’m going to give it a go more often!

    • I’ve only had 1 giveaway so far (I’ll probably step this up a bit next year), and I think I only had 8 people enter it. That’s pretty good odds of winning, and it just cost the commenter a few minutes of typing …

      Wow 355, now that’s a lot of entries!

  5. I agree. I won several by accident. The interesting part about this is that I don’t enter most of them trying to win anything as much as to support the other blogger. It’s fun to win unintentionally.

    • hehe, same here! Typically I’m posting a comment saying “Congrats…”, but then inadvertently get entered into the contest 🙂

      It’s a nice surprise!