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Losing Control of Christmas Traditions

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Yesterday, we did a two for oner!   We did both of our biggest Christmas Traditions on the same day!

We cut down our Christmas Tree, and we did our big pre-Christmas dinner!

We normally don’t do this because both events are big enough that they should be separate, but we are pressed for time this year.

This time, I decided to do something different with the decision-making process around both traditions!  Instead of picking which tree for our house and where to go for Christmas Dinner, I decided to open it up to the kids (my wife and I both have made the decisions in the past).  So I let my son pick out the tree this year and my daughter decided where to go for Christmas dinner!

While the tree my son choose wasn’t one that I would have picked, it still was decent enough, and was a fine choice!   He had the privilege of cutting it down (lucky him)!  However, he chose to cut it down about 6 inches too high, so when we got home, the tree will be the smallest one we ever had (lol).  Hopefully, he nor my daughter will notice!

We lucked out with my daughter, she whittled down her choice for the Christmas dinner to the “Fighter Group” restaurant and “Red Lobster“.  In the end she decided to stick with tradition and go with the “Fighter Group” restaurant.

So with both Christmas Traditions, I let the kids make the decision as to the direction of the traditions!  I think this will be better for their involvement in the process, and help them feel more important!

If you have kids, do you try to promote leadership and decision-making qualities?


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11 Responses to Losing Control of Christmas Traditions

  1. “I think this will be better for their involvement in the process, and help them feel more important!”

    And you are creating great memories!

    Is that the picture of your Christmas tree? Looks super!

    • Thanks! I hope idea works… I want them to develope those kinds of skills too, in addition to financial skills.

      I wish that were my tree, so far we only have the tree up, but not the decorations yet.

      I just liked how it looks, but maybe I will swap it with my own tree!

  2. I usually let me son pick from a few different dinner options. Most of the time he doesn’t want any of them and requests additional options.

    Would you call that showing leadership?

    Yes, I think we should make our kids make decisions and think on their own as much as possible. I’m sure having that sense of empowerment is good for building their self esteem. I’ve always struggled with self esteem and want my kids to be more confident.

    • Thanks, I’m hoping to give my son extra confidence since he’s getting older!

      We use to go with a plastic tree too, and would still be using it if it weren’t for the kids.

    • Yeah, I picked up my daughter so she could put the star on the tree. She also helped with the decorations (but she 7, so it’s not as big of a deal as it use to be).

      Great Tradition, and excellent family involvement! Our tree don’t look as good as the ones that I had in the kid, but at least my kids get to enjoy the process (my parents didn’t let me touch the tree).