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My House Is My Ship

Spaceship House
Spaceship House

After Christmas, my son put together most of his city Legos that he got as presents.  One of the gifts was a ship, and it started me thinking about how similar our house is to a ship.

So here are the ways that I think houses are similar to ships, whether spaceships or ocean ships!

Both ships and houses have an engine that make them functional.  The engine in a ship would be the motor that makes it move, and the equivalency in a house would be the furnace/air conditioner.

The electrical system on each do a similar function.  Yeah the house is connected to a grid system, but the use of electricity still does similar functions such as light the interior…

Both ships and houses protects the  people and contents inside each of them from the weather.  Okay, so a ship’s real purpose is to move on the water, but it protect the passengers from the weather too.

Okay, now on to a spaceship.  Again the purpose of a spaceship is to travel through space, where as a house is to not move at all!

Spaceships and house really have a lot of similarities when then come to protecting the people inside!  A spaceship needs to protect the people inside from the heat, cold and other such harsh elements.

Okay, I confess, I’m really typing this post because I would like to compare my house to a spaceship because I thought it would be cool to talk about the way the computer systems in houses will continue to develop into more complex systems that would rival such computer systems in as old classic films such as “Star Trek” and “Star Wars“.

Today, we have systems that automatically turn on lights when we enter a room and then back off after we leave a room, and there is also the programmable thermostats.  Someday soon I can imagine house doing much, much more!  I can see a computer system that would greet us like Hal in 2001.  Such system could make sure the garage door is closed and all door inside the house are locked after a certain hour.  These systems could automatically open the doors as we greet the house just by our voice (or other montoring criteria).  It could wake us up in the morning, and turn off the TVs when we aren’t at home.  I’m just scratching the service here, but I can imagine that it could be quite incredible.


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13 Responses to My House Is My Ship

  1. I would love a house like the one in the picture!

    To be fair, the technology already exists – either they are too expensive or not yet perfect. But I can definitely see this happening in future!

    We already have lights that can be programmed and monitored from the internet!

  2. Internet robotics is definitely moving at warp speed. The connections we can make with our homes when we’re miles away are simply phenomenal. Who needs space travel when we can just make space irrelevant (well, not quite)? I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

  3. Thanks, you remind me of things I would love to have in my house. I would love to be off the electrical grid, solar powered, and other technological conveniences. Is an ocean view part of the spaceship fantasy?

    • To be off of the grid would be nice…

      Lol, an ocean view would be nice too! At night, looking across the ocean could be a little bit like looking off into space?

  4. I would love the house to cook me breakfast and dress me like the system from Wallace & Gromit. 🙂
    It should also do the dishes, deal with kitty litter, self clean, and more.

  5. I always wanted the Jetson’s kitchen where they just push a button and dinner is ready.

    I often wonder what the world will be like in 100 years. So much has happened in my lifetime already, it is amazing.

    If technology keeps progressing, we will all weigh 1000 pounds as we will never have to move to do anything…

    • Instant dinner would be nice! Although I am quite fond of my microwave…

      Time is funny, people from the 50s thought we’d be a lot further than we are now. And in some ways we are, but not with the razzle dazzle that they expected.

      lol, yeah, we’ll all look like Jabba the Hut 🙂

  6. I don’t think I could feel my house was like a ship unless I was off the grid and living off the land with windmills and such. Right now, I feel so connected and dependent on the community…the electric company, the water/sewer service, the trash collector, the oil delivery guy.