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Starting the New Year Right!

Starting the New Year Right

Often we start the new year slowly, sleeping in for the first day.  But a few days later, it’s time to get into the full swing of things and get to work on life!  Enjoy each new year as much as possible, because you never know what destiny has in store for you or your friends!

This leads me into the segue about my barber!  My barber was a thin man who liked sports and was always golfed with buddies when he wasn’t working.  Although he appeared fairly healthy overall, I believe that he smoked.  The problems with my barber is that he died this year a few months ago from a stroke (he was in his early 50s)!  I found out when I went to get my haircut, and as I drove up to the front windows of the barbershop, I noticed that it was empty inside the barbershop and there was a black wreath on a chair beside the door.

I asked the business owners beside the barbershop if she knew what happened, and she said he had a stroke.  She claimed that she heard he was watching a football game, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer when he died so he went out doing what he loved (watching sports).  I believe his wife discovered something was wrong when she called him and he didn’t answer (she lives in a different state).

Gradual Carpe Diem

I know we all hear the Carpe Diem spill over and over (carpe diem is latin and means seize the day), but how does one start?  It’s very difficult and short-lived if one tried to go hog-wild one day trying to live the Carpe Diem philosophy.  So that’s why I’m going something different this year, I’m going to try to phase it into my life slowly!

My post called Holistic Approach to New Year Resolutions, is really about a slow, building approach toward trying to accomplish the Carpe Diem idea in my life!

This is what my New Year’s Resolution is really about!


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8 Responses to Starting the New Year Right!

  1. Your poor barber, that is so sad!

    Seizing the day is tough because as you said, there needs to be balance. I would be exhausted if I ‘seized’ every day! I do try to make the most of each day, but I don’t always succeed.

    For me, just being generally happy is what makes my days so great. I am so lucky in that I have a flexible job, a wonderful family, all is good. Sure I have down days, but when everything seems to be ‘in place’, it is easier to seize the day!

  2. yeah, he was a good guy too (at least from a client perspective).

    I’m going to “Seize the Day” but in a controlled fashion over the course of the year. I’m going to start out slowly and build up to it. Tweaking my routine whenever I notice that it’s not working optimally for me.

    Kind of like organized anarchy… (lol)

  3. Sorry to hear about your barber. It always jolts me when someone I know dies (especially someone in their 20s, like I am).. it’s an unpleasant reminder that life doesn’t go on forever.

    • Yes, it is sad…

      On the positive side, my barber always seems to make the most of life.

      I know that there were some days that he would actually close shop and go on special golf trips with friends.

      Hope you have a great new year! Make the most of it 🙂

  4. As I get older and contemporaries die, you realize your own mortality. Along with you, I am trying to make each day more meaningful or purposeful. All the best, Happy New Year.