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Things That Make Us Happy!

Things That Make Us Happy, are often the simple things in life!

When I was a kid, I use to think that a sports car and a big fancy house with lots of property would bring me the most happiness!

I was the guy that would give irritated “How annoying” looks to couples with babies who would be crying in a restaurant.

But now I’m a dad, and those crying babies in restaurants are now just white noise to me.  If fact, sometimes hearing those babies cry makes me smile for a split second… At least at first!

Okay, I digress…

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • When my son laughs!  It’s a great hardy laugh that makes me feel great inside!
  • When my daughter learns something new quickly, or creates something original and cool!
  • Reading to either of my kids.  I like the idea of me helping any way that I can.
  • Receiving earnest hugs from either of my kids, obviously it’s a great feeling.
  • When my 6-year-old daughter wants to snuggle with her daddy…, she is a truly wonderful little girl.
  • Watching family movie night at home, while having popcorn, drinks and snacks.
  • Playing my son in a game of chess.  He’s really gotten a lot better at the game, and even though I mostly beat him (so far), it’s make me feel great that he’s improving.
  • Getting stomped by my daughter in the memory matching games.  Lately, she destroys me in those type of games.
  • Going on family vacations with my entire family, including my parents and sister’s family.
  • Writing this blog…

So you see, for me I really don’t need fancy stuff!  Just the love of a great family is enough for me!

What thing makes you the most happy?


30 Responses to Things That Make Us Happy!

  1. Sleep!

    On the subject of cheap things kids like to play with… DH and DC made a rocket ship out of a big box using paint and scissors. They also made a magic adding bag out of a paper grocery bag by adding the word “magic” to it. You put in one pencil and one pencil and out comes two pencils. It’s magic. (It also says “no cats” which causes the kitty to leave the bag… after a while. That part takes some time to work.)

    • That’s hilarious! It’s good to hear such creative projects being performed 🙂

      I remember as a child being in the back of my grandparent’s store. There were a few boxes of various size (all relatively small), and I made a robot out of them. With drawstrings going down the middle so I could pull them from the back to make the arms move. I was going to get a rc car and attack it to the base so it would move, but that was too expensive (of course I painted the boxes silver too ) 🙂

  2. We are in the same boat MR. All I need is my family and I am all set.

    I started losing memory games against my oldest son when he was 3, and I don’t think I have been one of my kids since.

    Movie night at home is the best!

    • Yeah, movie night rocks (at home of course)!

      I haven’t played my daughter at memory for a while, but she whamps me! Betting my like 12 to 4 (if I’m lucky).

      It does sounds like we are in same boat 🙂

  3. Wow..I could have wrote this post, except I have 2 boys.

    The only thing I’d add is that I love the feeling when my house is completely clean, the laundry folded and put away and everything is in it’s place. That happens almost never, but when it is just the way I like it for that mili-second, it feels pretty good. I usually make sure it’s pretty clean before we leave on vacation so we can come home to a serene house.

    • Sounds like wise advice! Most of the time our house is pretty decent too 🙂

      Family is definitely important too me, and I want the best for my kids! Not so much in material possessions, but more along the lines of confidence and development.

  4. you’ve just exemplified that what matters most in life is priceless. you can’t put a $ value on love or family, and sometimes you don’t realize that until you’re older or it’s too late. My daughter is a bit too young for that lesson now, but hopefully i can teach her that someday.

    • Very true!

      It seems like sometimes we area all focused on the carrot, that we forget why we’re trying to get the carrot in the first place…

      Money is just an idea, people are real!

  5. I think you nailed it, family (and friends) are the source of most of our happy moments. Gardening also makes me happy, but that’s more of an inwardly-directly stress-relieving happiness. Many days, the garden takes a back seat to spending time with Mrs.101 and the boys.

  6. “I was the guy that would give irritated “How annoying” looks to couples with babies who would be crying in a restaurant.”

    Haha! So true! That applies to babies in airplanes! There was this couple who were so apologetic about their crying toddler – I opened my wallet and showed them a picture of my kid and they nodded – we actually didn’t exchange a single word (different seats!).

    I can totally relate! Thanks for this feel-good post!

    • That’s a great story! When I see a teenage boy or a college student get offended, I cut them some slack too. They find out eventually (at least one hopes that they do…)

      I know this is going to sounds odd, but when I write these posts about such topics, sometimes I go “Oh yeah, that too!”. I helps keep me on track as to what is important in life…

    • Ah, great adds Jacob!

      I do like enjoying a glass of wine with friends too. Most of my friends are beer drinkers, but that make the ones that do drink wine extra fun!

  7. Spending quality time with family and friends are truly the simple things that can make us smile. My wife and I sometimes will just go walk in the beach and eat in simple restaurants and we will be contented. We also like to spend our time with friends catching up with old times.

    • The walk on the beach and just hitting a simple restaurant sounds great! I find that the simplicity of small restaurants have a beauty all their own, regardless of what the decor looks like!

  8. We don’t have kids… but really simple things make me happy: cuddling with my pug, spending Saturday night with Beaker watching movies, talking to my mom on the phone, laughing with my friends… Nothing fancy either.

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