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Top 10 Reasons to Telecommute During A Snowy Day


Telecommuting during a snowy day, it the best way to work for an employer!

This past December 1st , I remotely connected  into work from home, and it was a wonderful experience!  I thought I’d share my excellent time with those less fortunate souls in warmer climate areas such as San Francisco California!

My Day:

I woke up and threw on some house clothes (including my slippers), shuffled myself downstairs and hopped into the car to get a medium latte from McDonalds (one of my frugal sins)!  On the way out the door, I noticed the light sprinkling of snow on the grass, now the grass wasn’t completely covered, and it actually almost looked like frost!

So I went through the drive through, got home and went up to my small office e, that also servers as a guest room.  I drew up the window blinds and sat at my desk and started to log into work remotely.

After getting configured, I took a moment to realize that the snow was sticking and that the snow that was following was the pure fluffy style of snow that Norman Rockwell painting are made from!

I could tell that we wouldn’t be getting enough snow that I would have to shovel the driveway, so I totally enjoyed the experience!  It kind of reminded me of skiing snow.  Someday if I lose the weight, I would like to ski once again!

If you lived where I live (Mid-West area, sort of), telecommuting during a snowy day is wonderful advantage over those traveling to work!

Here’s Why:

  • I don’t have to worry about ice or black ice!
  • It save me from getting in a potential accident (It seems like the first snowy day there is always accidents!).
  • I don’t have to scrap ice off of my windows (I hate the I have to park outside of our garage!)
  • There are fewer distractions since nobody really talks to me!  Although IM is starting to get bothersome!
  • I don’t waste travel time and getting ready time out of my life!  This is an unpaid cost of time!
  • I stay warm and toasty in my little office/guest room at home!
  • Out of site, out of mind kind of works good with co-workers and managers!  It’s less common to be a new work to do victim when you are remote!
  • You can pet your pet, which is a friendly dog in my case!
  • I can turn the TV on as background noise, occasionally checking the stock market action on TV!
  • My car is a bit happier since it has less were and tear on it!

All of the above reasons makes remoting into work from home via telecommuting, the perfect solution.

What do you thinking of telecommuting to work?


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29 Responses to Top 10 Reasons to Telecommute During A Snowy Day

    • Yep, I know what you mean!

      We have communicator at work, and it tells you know long someone has been inactive on their computer. There are a few guys that have log stints of inactivity. But those guy are usually the guys that bs more than work anyway…

  1. I haven’t worked in an office in 13 years (7 of those years I did not work at all). I absolutely love telecommuting. I love technology. It is all good.

    We have an inch of snow or so on the ground right now and it is windy and cold. Sitting on the couch and working is fantastic. With IM capabilities, I can chat with my friends and such just fine at ‘work’ and I don’t have to drive anywhere!

    • Yep, that’s a great safety reasons in addition to the comfy factor!

      Unfortunately, I had to go in today because someone called off sick, so as I was driving in today, I almost slipped into a ditch!

  2. What is this snow of which you speak?

    In my ideal world I telecommute 2-3 days a week.

    Unfortunately this semester has had too many meetings and someone scheduled a classes over my Friday office hours at the last minute, so I had to reschedule those too. Maybe next semester!

    • Yeah, rub it in, rub it in… but just remember when Santa lands on your roof, you’ll need new tiles! (not to mention that horrible sound the sleigh rails will make!

      I wish I got more days telecommuting a week. Currently I only get on average a few per week.

  3. Even though I mainly just work from home, when it snows I’m really stuck inside with a rear wheel drive BMW. I tried to venture out in the snow with it once or twice and it was pretty scary (even with just a coating on the road) so I think for this winter I’m either going to buy a really cheap truck that has 4WD or at least get snow tires.

    On TireRack they give each car tire a rating for dry conditions, rain, and snow, the rating for my current tires in the snow is just “N/A” as in no one would be stupid enough to drive around with these in the snow, which pretty much settles that.

    • I had an slightly old SUV as a college kid and it was awesome!

      Now I have a cheap chevy malibu (2003), and it sucks in the snow (although better than the firebird I use to have).

      A cheap truck with some weight in the back would do the trick 🙂

  4. I completely agree! I think that it’s so much better to work remotely from home. I can also work from my PJ’s and it feels comfortable – although, sometimes it is good to get out of the house!

  5. I absolutely love telecommuting. It does take both discipline and clear expectations, despite the flexibility. However, I find that it is extremely productive and congruent with a better employee outlook.

    Caveat – this model doesn’t work for everyone.

      • I actually have my IM set to invisible mode. Since no one can see when I am on, I never get interrupted. I found that I rarely got interrupted for work anyway. This is a 100% time-management tip though.

  6. We live in Portland OR and if there is a sprinkle of snow, it’s pandemonium! Everything comes to a halt and it’s best to telecommute. There will be tons of accidents all over town, vehicle abandoned on the freeway, nobody at work, school shut down, etc…
    I love snow days. 🙂

    • With Telecommuting, I do like the aspect that you save gas and driving time!

      I use to hate driving to work and getting stuck in traffic, but with audiobooks, it’s make it bearable…

  7. Did you wear your pjs to MacDonalds? Anyhow, I applaud you, wearing your pjs and slippers is definitely the way to go! I am a big proponent of comfort-in fact, the more comfortable you are the better your brain works! (& you can quote me on this one 🙂 )

    • Actually, I have done that 🙂

      But I got a flat once, so I don’t do that anymore… Nothing bites more than changing your tire along side of the road in Grinch pajamas (gift from the kids).

      Comfort rules!

  8. I always telecommute in the snow. I am too scared to drive. Last year I almost had two accidents on the way to work (icy road, black ice) and after that I said – enough is enough. I love telecommuting… gives me plenty of time to read!

    • I know what you mean!

      About 6 years ago I was driving to work too, and it was icy instead of snowy, and as I was driving I did a 180 degree spin on the road… Well, since I was pointed back home anyway, that’s what I did! In the car, I was shaking all the way home.

  9. i think it should be the norm, and going to the office an exception. we have made ourselves a crazy society here where people drive to work like a herd and back again in the evening. some spend hours on the road a day. in europe, the culture is the exact opposite. interesting dynamics – but to address the question, working from home would be my choice hands down

    • Just imagine the savings to the environment and saving to the individual if we did so! The gas savings could be $60 per month and up if someone lived as far as I do from work (30+ minutes).