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Yakezie Carnival – December Hustle and Memories

Can you believe it’s December 5th, and we still haven’t gone out and picked out our Christmas tree yet!

It’s close to Christmas which holds special memories for me of my grandmother!  She use to try to make the holiday as magical as possible for the entire family!  Cookies, special dishes, lights, Christmas Trees, Christmas music and so on!

In fact, my grandmother loved the holiday so much, she use to make an entire Christmas scene on a few of the packages she wrapped, at least 1 per family member!  It took her hours to do those special packages, and while I just tore into the package (I was much younger back then), I now appreciate the effort that went into creating them!

So here is a song that was one of our favorites growing up:

Okay, I admit, the artist that sung this wasn’t something my grandmother ever listened to, but the song was!  This is a great video if you haven’t seen it before!  Talk about getting into the spirit of the season!

Now On With The Carnival!

Aloysa’s Kitchen SinkWhy Women Lie About Shopping – Interesting glance inside a woman’s thinking around this stealth move!

Barbara Friedberg Personal FinanceDoes My Child Need Life Insurance? – I think the title says it all on this one!  Read Barbara’s article to find out!

Beating the IndexWeekend Edition: A Hypocrite Boycotts the Oil Sands BTI mentions that Avon is boycotting a Canadian oil company!  He brings up the point that does it really make sense to buy from other less peaceful countries instead?

Bucksome BoomerIs Cell Phone Insurance Worth the Price? – It’s worth it to check out Kay Lynn’s picture in this article (lol)!  I didn’t even know there was such insurance, but should I really be surprised?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Fit in a Fun Friday – Holiday Decorations – This post actually helped inspire my intro to this carnival!  After reading the article, I just knew that I had to open the carnival with my feelings on the holiday!

Buy Like Buffett5 sites that you can make $1,000 a month – I’ve never heard of these sites, great information!

Canadian Finance BlogPreparing for a One-Income Household – Some great suggestion for parents thinking of taking this big financial change!

Car Negotiation CoachHow to find the best price on car tires – Through reading his blog, The Car Negotiation Coach is the one source that I would definitely take heed to with respect to anything related to cars, and this is true with tires too!  I only wish I had a Costco nearby…

Consumerism CommentaryBody Parts You Can Sell – Flexo describes ways to make money by selling body parts!  This is an great read, and definitely off the beaten path!  Check out how much one can make from selling sperm!  I had no idea!!!

Couple Money:  Debt Free Vacations – How It Works for Us What a great idea!  Great tips here to make it happen!

Darwins MoneyCollege Cheating Viral Video -The “Deal” I Would Have Offered – Wow, that had to be tough for the professor!

Engineer Your Finances: Protect Your Purchases: Free Inventory Software – What a great idea!  Nice find and thanks for sharing the info!  I learned something new that I didn’t know previously!!!

Everyday Tips and ThoughtsTwelve Days Of Christmas Rewrite (And My Spam Email Awarded Me…) Okay, this is great!  If you don’t laugh (or at least chuckle while reading this, then I’ll send you a personal email apologizing for highly recommending this psot)!  This would definitely be one of my editor picks if I use that medium.  Have a great laugh and check this out!!!

The Financial Blogger5 Ways Personal Finance and Fitness Connect – I think it’s good to be fit with both finances and health!  Great points!

Financial SamuraiOpen Enrollment: You Might Die An Expensive Death So Sign-up Now We focus on eeking out that extra .005% on our investments, but really Sam brings up a costly if ignored point with this article!  This is a great point and should be looked at and acted upon!

Financially Poor5 Life Lessons That You Need To Learn – This is a post that comes from the heart and life experiences.

First Gen AmericanWeird Foods I’ve Eaten – Yeah, yeah, I know this has nothing to do with finance, but still… what an interesting read!  I think you be amazed at the foods that Sandy L. has experienced.  Needless to say, I was very impressed!

Free From BrokeChase Ultimate Rewards Holiday Promotion – Gifts Cards, Bonus Points, and Savings (Cyber Monday) – Another article where I learned something new!  Chase has 2 freedom cards!  one from mastercard and one from visa!  This is just a small part of this article, it has some great info on some of the best credit cards from Chase!

Frugal Confessions: The Anatomy of a Coupon – Great comprehensive analysis of coupons and shocking turns of events in this area, especially with respect to the affluent!  Yet another article where I learned a few things, who would have guess that it was coca cola that made coupons big?

Frugal ZeitgeistHow To Save Money – Sound advice that I’m not following 100% but I should be, take a look at these, they are spot on!

Green Panda TreehouseImportant Fees That Come With a Mortgage… Are You Ready? – Wow, it’s been a while since I had my mortgage!  That’s a lot of termsn!

Invest It WiselyWalkin’ in a Winter Wonderland I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the best parody (at least lyrics wise), that I’ve ever read!  Now if we could just get thousandaire to create a video of the song!

Len PenzoThe Market Speaks: Why George Harrison Is the No. 1 Beatle – Len has the incredible ability of finding the coolest facts and ideas!  When you mix those discoveries with a truly unique voice and witty humor, well it’s obvious isn’t it?

Money ConeWhat Can $100,000,000,000 Buy You? – This could also have been called the Dangers of inflation!  Great read!  Check it out!

MonevatorIndex fund tactics to save you a bundle – Sometimes things are taken for granted over here, isn’t try elsewhere, and this is on such case.  We usually think if the U.K. and U.S. as the same, but as the Investor demonstrates it’s not true with respect to index funds!

Not Made of Money: Frugal Christmas Decorating Ideas – Based on Mrs. Not Made of Money’s article, I would even say that her ideas are both frugal and classy!  Definitely an achievable combination with some thinking!  We love using candlelight (and even on the other holidays too)!

Out of Debt AgainHow to Stay Focused With a To Do List – I totally believe in the use of such a list.  And I’m starting to slowly start to do that activity, but I should jump in and not look back!

Retire by 40Epic Fail on Black Friday 2010 – Sounded like a win to me 🙂

Spruce Up Your FinancesTapping Your 401k Plan: The Pros and Cons of Taking Out A Loan – Great thinking of the pros and cons of taking a loan against your retirement accounts!

The Saved Quarter10 Gifts that Keep on Saving – These are some of the top ideas for a smart Christmas or really whatever occasion!

ThousandaireFor When I Retire [Music Video] I thought this would be cheesy and a waste of my watching time… I was wrong!  It’s definitely worth checking out!

The Little House in the Valley: Tumbleweed Home Plan On Sale – In some ways I consider LHITV an expert on housing types and research.  She doesn’t disappoint with this notice!  She also write for!

The Millionaire NurseGratitude! – Dr Dean discusses the background and meaning of the word Gratitude!  Dr. Dean makes some good point about the reason we should all strive to apply the meaning of the work in our lives too.

Money Green Life:   Receive 10% Cash Back On Dell Purchases With Discover Card Some great discounts on select stores (one up to 20%)!

My Journey to Millions:  Do You Actually Know How Much Money You Spend Per Year? – no I don’t, but this article can help!

Personal Finance By The BookDealing With Poor Performance: Lessons From Simon Cowell and Jesus Christ – The ideal doesn’t always match the image.  But personally, I prefer realism!  Being too nice (a fault of my personality), doesn’t help matter, it lets the problems fester and grow.  Sometimes the True hurts, but it’s still the truth!  So I think the comparison is a great one, read this article!  It’s a must read in my opinion!

Smart on Money: Will The Bush Tax Cuts Be Extended In The Lame Duck Session? I dislike politics and that’s what going on…  But it does affect our bottom line in the amount of taxes that we will be paying!  Check this one out, it will impact you in one way or another if the Tax Cuts expire!

Saving Money Today:   Samurai Jack’s Guide To Personal Finance – I’m sad to say that I never watch Samurai Jack…  But I have watch South Park (be warned South Park has some pretty disgusting episodes!), and I’m always amazed what you can learn for such sources if you look for it!  And of course this is the case with Samurai Jack too!

SquirrelersIs Tipping Getting a Bit Out of Control? – Good analysis on this topic, and I agree with Squirreler’s take on it. 🙂

Watson Inc.:  I actually had a hard time deciding which of the great articles Shawn has written to include.  Since they are all good!  I decided to go with his newest:  Am I A Financial Hypocrite? I don’t want to see muni bonds lose they special federal income tax free status either!  Check out Shawn’s previous articles too!

Well Heeled BlogLending to Family: The Easiest $20,000 Decision – Well Heeled may have found the only time I would give a personal loan to a family member too!

Well, that’s it for this Yakezie carnival!  Thanks to all of those that send my their link for the carnival.

Hope you enjoyed this great group of articles, I know I have!  If you want more, check out last weeks Carnival at Little House In The Valley’s website:  Yakezie Carnival Round-Up

Here is to wishing everybody a great holiday season,

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59 Responses to Yakezie Carnival – December Hustle and Memories

  1. Awesome Christmas themed carnival! Your grandmother sounds like a really neat lady – it’s so nice that you have those special memories of her and of Christmas to cherish 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this week and for including my entry!

    • Thanks Craig!

      I really learned a lot this time from all the great articles, vs last time! Perhaps I was looking harder this time too though.

      Have a great day!

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  3. This carnival has definitely got me in the holiday spirit too! In fact, I’m going outside to put up my lights before the rain gets here…

    All the best,

    Len Penzo dot Com

    • Thanks Len, you too!

      I’m hoping to sneak out later today and pick up the Christmas Tree (we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday today, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to or not).

    • As you know, I’m a big fan! I almost went with the “Rich Get Richer” post instead, but you consistently have great post so I figured why not go with the most recent!

  4. Thank you for including my artcile!

    We haven’t put our Christmas tree yet either! We don’t buy a real one, we have an artificial tree. We just need to get it done. Maybe today…

    • Since my son was young, spending on a real tree has been one or our few luxuries in life.

      We love everything about the process! We like to go when there is snow on the ground (like today)…

    • It was a fascinating read, one that most people will never experience (including me). So I thought I’d mention your article so other can live vicariously through your post for weird foods 🙂

    • It may be one of the best versions of little drummer boy that I’ve ever heard!

      The light show in the video was a old one, but a good one!

    • Thanks! Little Drummer Boy was a favorite of mine as a young boy! Bob Seger does the song justice!

      I was very impressed with his version!

    • I have to admin, I learned a lot! Perhaps if I didn’t read the articles, it would have been a lot faster!

      If I were smarter, I would have compiled the list as the week progressed, but alas… I wasn’t smart enough 🙂

  5. Thanks for hosting the carnival and including my link :). I am behind on Christmas organisation but not worrying too much, no use in getting stressed and best to enjoy every moment of the holiday season :).

    • True, very true 🙂

      I do hope we get the tree soon, it’s one of the things that I really enjoy the most about the holiday season!

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