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Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year!!!

As some of you may  know, I was not particularly fond of 2010.

It wasn’t a horrible year (after all, I did pay off my home mortgage), but I wasn’t particularly fond of it either!  That’s why I decided that I’m going to change everything this year, and who better to demonstrate change?  Why carrot top or course, he has changed more than I could dream of!

The Orange Hulk
The Orange Hulk – Carrot Top!

I would have never guessed that “Carrot Top” would be more buff that I am, but surprise!  And it looks like he is enjoying it to boot!  Some may say that he looks scary, but I think he looks content and that he’s doing something that he enjoys!

Are you going to do something entirely different for 2011?  If so, I’d love to hear about it and what motivated you to do so !

Have a Great New Year in 2011!


17 Responses to Happy New Year 2011

    • Nope, that’s him alright.

      He still has to do his comedy thing so he still looks funny, but he’s now a buff guy. Big change from the skinny comedian that I remember him as too.

    • Oh, that’s not me, that’s the comedian “Carrot Top”, who’s real name is “Scott Thompson”

      He use to be a very skin guy, but I have to wonder if he is pushing it a bit…?

    • lol, good point. Actually I don’t consider “Carrot Top” a role model. I just think he had a big transformation in his life vs the way he use to look.

      I think he should now also go by the alias “The Orange Hulk”! lol.

    • Yeah, I tink it’s because he still has that ragged anne doll hair. If he were to shave his head, he might look more masculine.

      I consider him a paradox of nature. Scary…