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MR Cache 2011, Jan 2 – A New Start

A New Start

This year (2011) will be a bit different that previous years!  In previous years I’ve always drunk the listing the “New Year’s Resolutions” koolaid, but I’m not going to do that this particular year.

I think 2011 will be much better than 2010, call it a gut feeling…  So far it has started out with a break  from the cold weather for a spell (or at least this past weekend).  I’m already starting on new projects, the first being reinstalling the software on my laptop including the operating system.  You see I got a computer virus last year, and while I was able to clean it up, some of the system files were corrupted.  I could have manually replaced the file, but sometimes it’s better for performance reasons to start with a clean slate!

So since it’s already 3:00am, I’m just going to go with a brief, loose format for few of sites I visited last week:

Everyday Tips and Thoughts:  10 Lessons Learned in 2010 – These lessons are spot on and a great read!  There is wonderful advice directly from experiences gained in 2010!  This a must read!  See if you agree with Kris!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff:  Don’t You Want to Retire ASAP? –  BIFS reminds us that for her (and me), there are better ways to spend your life instead of just working.  For me personally, it would be traveling, but check out BIFS’s list, it’s very well thought out and impressive!

Money Cone: Unconventional Income From Uncommon Stocks – Royalty Trusts – Great article on “Royalty Trusts”!  I’ve followed these for a while, but haven’t taken the plunge yet.  Money Cone present a great argument as to why they should be considered!

Len Penzo:  The Penner Awards: The 10 Craziest Money Blunders of 2010  – A very funny list of happenings in 2010.  I also learn not to see “Little Fockers” (since I noticed that Len and I have similar taste in movies, if Len says don’t go, I don’t go!).  This was a great list worth checking out!

Consumerism CommentaryWhat Is Financial Independence? – Flexo opens up the question and make you think about how much you will really need not to mention a focus on passive income!

EDayTipsThought:  Paypal Email Scam  – Kris talks the nefarious hacking activity commonly know as Phishing.  But Kris also reveals an email to forward such Paypal phishing attempt to!  Hurray for Kris, nice job on this!  – Goals for 2011 – Some good goals, and especially noteworthy is his estimates on growth of his online ventures!

Best 2011 Resolutions

The following are 3 of my favorite 2011 reads for the coming year.  There are plenty of great other resolutions, but these 3 in particular struck a chord with me.

Well Heeled Blog2011 Goals: Make Money, Save Money, Get Fit & Enjoy Life – What I really like about this particular set of Resolutions was how exact the list was, not to mention that it was very uplifting and inspirational!  I came away from this list feeling refreshed!

Financial Samurai:  Financial Samurai Goals And Resolutions for 2011 – I said my goals this year is to becoming super, but my level of super can’t touch Sam’s level!  Check out his incredible list of resolutions, and I think you will agree!

First Gen AmericanNew Years Goals for Anyone – Sandy takes a different approach with her goes and explains her philosophy!  She had me at “1. Visit 1 new place this year”!

I hope you enjoyed my quick list!  There are many other great post I would have included if I had time, but alas…  I’m sleepy.

Hope your New Year is starting out great!


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4 Responses to MR Cache 2011, Jan 2 – A New Start

  1. Thanks for putting up the list MR and thanks of course, for the mention!

    Once you install the new OS, don’t forget Microsoft’s Security Essentials! Free and keeps your system virus-free.

  2. Hi Mate, there’s nothing super about my list, especially since one of my goals is to take 6 weeks off again 🙂 Twist my arm, OK, I will go to Peru if you insist.

    Thanks for the roundup!