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MR Review 2011, Jan 23 – Getting Traction

Getting Traction:

Okay, I’m ready to roll on with some actions and new thoughts.  While I had a rocky start these last few weeks, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I’m now ready to start the new year with some vigor!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

101  CentavosThoughts for Tax Season – Very well thought out piece about income taxes.  I agree to pay money without really thing about it, isn’t one of the smarter moves.  I’m glad 101 provides us the real deal about taxes!

Beating the Index2010 Canadian Oil & Gas Top Performers – I admit, I only know a few Canadian stocks, but BTI list some of the great returns of the best canadian stocks.  I’ll be looking at some in 2011!

Bucksome BoomerMy Top 10 Freezer Essentials – Great look into what Kay has in her freezer.  Overall, I’m pretty impressed, much healthier than my house.

Budgeting in The Fun Stuff20 Financial Milestones for your 20s – Crystal and her husband really has great financial game!  This post proves it!  How do you rank?

Consumerism Commentary: Life After Salary: One Month Without a Paycheck – Flexo is now a full time blogger! He has great material on his site, but I live vicariously through posts like these! Congratulations Flexo, and thanks for sharing!

Everyday Tips And ThoughtsMore Great Financial Advice From the Media “Don’t Rush To Pay Off Your Mortgage” – Sometimes I hate the level of journalism that highly respected sites report about.  Kris nailed this particular case!

First Gen AmericanThe Social Part of Retirement Planning – I think Sandy’s retirement approach is a rock solid approach.

Get Rich SlowlyBlogging: A Demanding Task with Few Rewards? – Blogging is harder than it looks if your are trying to make it a career!  It requires more time that you read about and isn’t near as easy as people make it out to be.  Check out J.D.’s analysis of blogging.

Green Panda TreehouseWhat Do I Do to Get My First Promotion? – Great tips to get that hard to get First Promotion!

Grumpy Rumblings: In praise of DH’s adult allowance – Interesting writeup on an adult allowance! I can relate since I follow a similar idea!

Hope to ProsperThe Decline of Personal Responsibility This is a scary trend!  The decline of the American morals in the United States is something to be worried about.

Invest it WiselyOur First Home Together – Congratulations to Kevin for getting their first home together.  I wonder if that pool picture is at their condo?  It’s sounds like an exciting time!

Len Penzo10 Old Wives’ Tales Masquerading As Financial Rules of Thumb – Very funny association.  I rather enjoyed the old wives tales… they cracked me up!

Millionaire Nurse Blog: Gen Y: Got A Home? – Sounds like Gen Y has some minimalist taste, but most likely they will get regular houses as they age.

Money Smart life: Free Credit Scores – Coming Soon – MoneySmartLife list great ways to improve you credit score, definitely worth checking out!

Mom VestingDon’t Fail to Plan – Jessica write about why it’s important to plan for your retirement proactively instead of waiting until you actually retire!

RetireBy40Book Review: Your Money Or Your Life – I usually don’t include book reviews in my weekly links, but this is not ordinary book.  If you are young (or not too old), consider reading this great book!

The Digerati Life: Average American Family’s Finances: In Shambles? (Infographic) – Interesting stats on how the average american family is going.  A bit scary too.

Watson Inc.Politics of Envy – Shawn points out flaw in our government politics.  I too, would rather promote productivity instead of just redistribute wealth.  It’s that “give a fish feel a person for a day vs teaching them to fish” story.  Check out this great read!

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons:

For this week, my favorite post was: Business Opportunities Through Family and Friends. I enjoyed this because I think we should all look around and see if we can start a side business that would benefit both our friend or relative and make us a little side income at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite weekly links!


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16 Responses to MR Review 2011, Jan 23 – Getting Traction

  1. No doubt all of us change our housing desires as we get older.

    But major shifts in housing desires do shape the market for generations. Think about all those suburbs which didn’t exist until the 40’s when all our veterans came home!

    Thanks for including me!

  2. Thanks for the mention of the credit score post! One small thing, the site’s actually Money Smart Life, not Smartmoneylife – thanks

    • Drat, Transposition strikes again!sorry about that! This has happened before when I do this list at 3:00am, way past my bedtime.

      This is one of the reasons that I switched majors from accounting to computer science 🙂

      I fixed it now, thanks.