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MR Review 2011, Jan 9 – A Busy Time

A Busy Time

The start of the new year has been busier that I expected.  So to focus on the direction that I’m trying to accomplish, I’ve decided to miss posting a few days per week for a temporary time period.

Today I decided to list my favorite posts in a random fashion, there will be no order below, it will totally be first site that comes to my mind.

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

First Gen American: Right or Left Brain   – Sandy discusses the differences between right and left brained people!

Aloyas Kitchen:  Tipping practices  Aloyas reveals the confessions of a bad tipper!

Everyday Tips and Thoughts:  Dumb Things People Do Volume IV: Packaging Items Poorly – Sometimes we learn by reading about others mistakes, this is one such case!

Len Penzo:  The Magic 8 Ball Makes Its Predictions for 2011 – Len has the best Magic 8 Ball ever!  I really like his method from making predictions for 2011!

Budgeting In The Fun Stuff:  Eating Out on a Budget – A very wise guest post at Crystal’s site, with great ways to make eating out more affordable.

Krant Cents: Chasing the American Dream – Great article about one of the biggest impediments to achieving the american dream!

Beating the index:  Weekend Edition: More Pain for Natural Gas Producers in 2011 – I was thinking about buying some Natural Gas Dividend yielding stocks, but after reading hit bit of information, perhaps I’ll wait a year or two.

Money Cone:  How To Be A Deadbeat – I admit, I’m a credit card deadbeat.

Watson Inc:  Setting The Course For The Impossible – Shawn brings to light when it’s better to have goals than not.

Retire By 40:  Overheard In The Break Room, an xtranormal animation – Fun video, and correct in content.

Get Rich Slowly:  The Laundry Agreement – J.D. Roth and his wife have separate finances just like we do, but with a bit of a GRS special twist…

Fabulously Broke in the City:  Had a rough work day, and what did I learn from it? – In a different life, I was in a similar scenario, so I understand and feel her pain!  At least being a blogger, she gets to blow off some steam!

BIFS:  budgeting – Crystal talks about the three levels of budgeting.  As you can tell from her title, BIFS is an expert on  budgeting… especially for the fun stuff!  My Secret Financial Desire For The Yakezie Network – My post over at!  The Yakezie truly is great!

My Favorite Post From

Draining My Hot Water Tank To Save Money if not just because it was my first DIY project of the year!

Parting Thoughts:

I hope to get back on track (or actually create my own track), soon.


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    • Thanks, I’ve been lookin at the group closely, thinking that eventually the cost of natural gas would rise again, and owning such stock would be a good investement…

    • I’m thinking about bring the series back as a monthly post instead of weekly. I enjoy creating the comic series, but it’s too draining for now. I need to grow the blog in other ways first.

  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ve been able to post 3 times a week for a while, but next month will really be busy with the baby coming along. Probably need to line up some guest posts.