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Are Unknown Things Preventing You From Achieving Success?

There are many reasons why you aren’t as success as you could be!

Perhaps you have allergies and in the summer your head is constantly floating like a helium balloon that a child is jerking around on a string…  I suffered from bad allergies that made my life miserable until I got 5 years worth of weekly allergy shots.  It’s call immunotherapy, and it did work for me.

Or perhaps you were raised in such a way that college wasn’t probable or affordable, so you skipped it and went right to work.  Or if you did have the money, perhaps you family and friends didn’t see the value in such an education and are holding you back?

Then again, it could be that you have something that you aren’t even aware of, maybe some aliment that you experience while everybody else doesn’t.  Perhaps, you’ve gone around suffering through mild forms of pain that prevents you from focusing like normal people.  You wouldn’t realize it, you’d just think it was a normal headache just like everybody else suffers through.  Just part of life…, but what if you have food allergies and don’t realize it?  Or worse some sort of chemical imbalance that prevents you from functioning at 100% capacity?

I know that it sounds like I’m presenting excuses after excuses, but unless you keep a journal of some sort, how will you recognize any patterns in your behavior or health and possible abnormalities?

I personally know a person that didn’t get the proper level of sleep because of a deviated septum of his nasal cavity.  This caused him to snore so loudly that he would actually wake up after an hour of sleeping (or so he claims).  My childhood friend would often appear as if he was sleepwalking or in some sort of zombie state…  Or at least he did until he got his deviated septum fixed!  He’s now an alert and lively guy and his breathing pattern is noticeable different!  Good for him!

The point is, if you find that things aren’t going as successfully as possible for you, try to identify the critical weaknesses in your life and either work on strengthening those deficient areas, or find ways to compensate for those particular faults .

Please feel free voice any weaknesses you’ve had to overcome to be successful.


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19 Responses to Are Unknown Things Preventing You From Achieving Success?

  1. I typically focus on my strengths rather than my weaknesses unless as you say the weakness is interfering with my success. Introspection can be valuable, but I prefer to do it doing brief periods.

    • I guess it depends on what the strengths and weaknesses are.

      If the weakness is communications, it’s going to be hard to be successfully, not impossible, but difficult.

      Small (or short) samplings makes sense. Nobody want to examine themselves all the time, that definitely wouldn’t be healthy (I think)…

  2. When I was growing up, no excuses were allowed. I had to make my best effort in anything I attempted. My parents modeled the same behavior. I overcame being “average” to become very successful. It is my determination and the no excuses attitude that drives me.

  3. One of my weakness is that I am not decisive enough. I usually take the time to research and figure out if something is a good deal.
    This works very well in day to day consumerism life, but as an investor it is holding me back.

    It takes me too long to jump in and buy an investment and if it’s a really good deal, I’ll be beaten to the punch. That’s what I feel like recently with my 4 plex search….

    • I also have that problem, shoot it took me almost 6 months to decide to build a house instead of buy an existing one…

      Instead of measure twice and cut one, I measure 14 times then cut half (lol)

  4. In sports, my knees definitely held me back and they eventually gave out on me when I tore my acl . However, regarding just overall success I see that one of the main inhibitors is a lack of drive. I have a friend that has so much potential, but no drive nor any commitment.

    • I know a woman like that too. Very intelligent, but no drive. She just sits at home watching TV, and even though she’s very smart, she doesn’t even use the computer at all other than for work…

      Go figure, while the gifted sit and waste life, the mentally challenged are doing all the great things in life…

  5. Impatience is my biggest weakness. I am so impatient that it leads to a lot of mistakes and rushed decisions such as impulsive shopping and then buyers remorse, closing my blog and re-opening it and so on. If I ‘d just had a little bit more patience a lot of things would be so much easier. I am working on it though! 🙂

    • It’s great that you know your weakness and are working on it. I’m sure you’ll master it…

      You have a great blog and I’m honestly glad to see you came back to it. Loved your piece on your visit to China, I felt I like was there too experiencing what you experienced! Awesome!

  6. I’ll have to agree with RB40, procrastination is a handicap. Sometimes you just just have to keep moving ahead, and accept setbacks as they come. When they do, they’re typically not as bad as originally feared.

  7. I never thought about keeping a journal of the negative, and then seeing if there appears to be a pattern. That makes really good sense though. I mean, I’m all for focusing on the positive, but at some point perhaps we are glazing over other issues that really could be fixed or bettered in some way.

  8. Focusing on my weaknesses tends to get me depressed. I much rather think about what I can do and can control than think about the things I’m bad at. There are actions I take to work on my flaws, but obsessing about them only makes my insecure side come out. Being insecure though has forced me to work harder on a lot of things because I fear failure. I think most weaknesses have a complementary strength tied to them too.