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Becoming Beautiful, What the Beautiful People Know

Beauty By Weight Loss

What Beauty Really Is

Beauty is more physical health and confidence than direct looks!  Oh sure, there are some women/men with very pretty faces, some even look like models, but if they are 40 pounds overweight and don’t practice good hygiene/grooming, they will not be considered beautiful.

Sometimes losing just 20 pounds will make a normal girl beautiful and a man handsome.  I’ve seen such beauty come out, when a female friend (that was overweight by 40 pounds) lost her extra weight . The transformation was amazing!  Not only did her basic body shape become incredible, her face even became much prettier too.  When weight loss happens, it happens all over the body.  So your face become more in shape too!  Once her face became thinner, she was breathtaking! Who would have guessed?

I’ll see this while walking in the mall too, there will be a girl/woman most would consider normal, borderline homely, but I know if that girl/woman would just loss just 20 pounds she would be a knockout!

Photoshop Models

Models that we see on magazine covers aren’t real.  They should really be called Photoshop girls, because photoshoped images are all that is on the magazine covers these days.  Not to mention the position tricks to make them even more attractive.  Some of the high heels on that the models wear for the pictures are almost like small stilts.  And if you notice the bikini pictures, practically all the models are standing on there tiptoes.  Not only does this make them look longer, but it also tightens up everything.  IMHO, the tightening make them look even more healthy.

Photoshop can make model faces practically flawless and thin girls thinner…  From a technology standpoint it’s impressive, but not real.

The end of the following video is amazing. when it get to the end pause it, I’m sure you’ll be amazed!  I wonder if makeup can accomplish some of this look too?

Actually, I not as impressed as I use to be by models.  After seeing a few episodes of “Top Model Search”, I have come to the conclusion that most models only look great for that 1 particularly great picture, but in normal moving life, most don’t look that spectacular.  Oh, there are exceptions, but they are rare.

Beauty is a comparison with others, but it doesn’t have to be a first place takes it all kind of comparison.  Women, you don’t need to have the perfect breasts, buns and looks all at once.  In fact, if you are just normal in all areas with any area that is a bit more polished, you will be considered beautiful.

The Beauty Of Being Healthy

Given all of the above, the really beauty of being healthy is the way it makes you feel.  When I’m in shape, I have more energy and I’m just more content in general.  Since I’ve been both thin and heavy, I feel very qualified to say this!

Being Beautiful is Really a Lifestyle Choice

Like the models from the “Model Reality” shows, you can have the potential to be beautiful, but if you don’t experiment with your body and looks, it will remain hidden (unless very obvious).

Your lifestyle should include some form of exercise, especially anaerobic exercises!  Lifting weights is one of the best ways to reshape your body the way you’d like!  Both women and men should include working out with weights!

Clothes Makes the Man/Woman

I forgot to mention that clothes can make a big difference too.  In fact if you aren’t in perfect shape, clothes can be a great way to hide that fact!


I guess what I’m trying to say is, life is short, why not try to look your best and be the most health you can be.  Get out, do things, start new things, be healthy and beautiful!


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4 Responses to Becoming Beautiful, What the Beautiful People Know

  1. Fascinating article and videos! Great point about feeling your best and doing things. I managed to squeeze in a workout today, too. 🙂 What are you doing to be healthy?

    • I use to workout 4 days a week, then somehow I got walking pneumonia. It took me a long time to figure it out and finally go to the doctor.

      That was a few years ago, since then I haven’t done much until this year, now I started working out, but just slowly… pushup, situps and no-weight squats.

      Hopefully by summer, I’ll be back.