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Family Time Comes First

I’ve downloaded some podcast and audacity software, and while I tinkered with it for a bit, I didn’t get a chance to really run with it. It’s now 11:10pm Friday night and my daughter has already gone to sleep. I work in the room next to hers, so I don’t want to do a podcast tonight.

Dad and son
Dad and son (not us)

Family Time Comes First

My son and I have been doing a lot of stuff together lately.  From shopping for Legos (with his allowance money), to playing video games on the old XBox (my favorite).  He’s at a delicate stage where I know I don’t have much time with him, since he is already starting to hang with his friends more and more.  So I need to take advantage of when he want so hang out with dad and do so, this time is more valuable to me than any other I’ve experienced before…

I think if I were in my 20s, I might not realize or have the insight as to how valuable this time really is.  We only get one shot at experiencing our kid’s childhood, so I believe that we should make the most of it.

Slipping Into the Past

Today as I was playing my son’s XBox game (Midtown Madness?) with him, I felt myself slipping into an earlier teenage age.  It was almost like I was playing video games with my old neighborhood buddies when I was 10.  It was a very liberating experience, where all the stresses of adult life disappeared for a half an hour of time.  Plus I could tell that my son enjoyed the time we played too.

I sometimes wonder if it’s wise of me to slip out of the adult parent role and act like a good friend to my son as I do sometimes (rarely though).  I have a feeling that this will happen more and more frequently as he ages.

It’s kind of strange because my son is very similar in appearance and thought process as I was as a child, so it’s almost like having a younger version of me I’m hanging with.  Of course he is different, with different tastes, but close enough.

Pictures Need to Be Take More Often

I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy or absent-minded, but I need to use my cell phone to take more pictures of times like these, and of course videos.

After this weekend, I now realize that I need to shift my family time on my quest to improve myself higher in my life priorities.

Now I look forward to spending time with my daughter in dad and daughter night out again!


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20 Responses to Family Time Comes First

  1. MR, good reminder on taking pictures together. I’m the shutterbug in the family, with the downside that I’m not in many pictures.
    What’s the podcast you mentioned?

    • I’ve been trying to play with new applications and I wanted to do a small podcast or video this Saturday. Life and Family got too busy though, so I shelved it for this weekend…

  2. ETips would say no, it’s not good to be friends with your kid…

    But I dunno, I think most of us are good at being friends when they’re behaving and happy and turning on the parent part when they need the parent part, whether it’s because they’re misbehaving or they’re scared or whatever reason.

    • Hmmm, that’s an interesting take on ETips. I find that ETips and I are very similar, so that would be very surprising to me if she deviated on this topic from me.

      But yeah, who want to be a punishing parent all the time, that takes all the fun out of raising kids in my opinion.

      • I think ETips is agreeing with you that you shouldn’t be friends with your kids.

        But I disagree. There’s a time to play their games with them and a time to be the grown-up.

    • We took tons of videos with our first born, but not as much with our second. This is a shame, because our 2nd is pretty amazing and it sad that we don’t have just as much of her.

  3. Kids grow up so fast it’s important to take picture/small video clips as much as possible!

    I am looking forward to the same activity with my kids MR, so far they haven’t ask for a game console yet, they’re too young.

    • I bought a used XBox on ebay a few years ago, and it’s been great and cheap to boot. Since then we also bought a new WII, but my son and I still go back to the XBox for the racing games…

  4. Enjoy your time together. Now looking back, I wish I had spent a little more time with my parents when I was younger, but to be honest, I think the time we spend together now is 100x better.

    • Yeah, I’m not particularly fond of the pictures my cell phone takes either (no zoom and only 2mp)…

      But I guess it’s better than nothing for the times I forget my camera…

  5. As a parent of two adult children, time with your children is the most important thing you should do. Kid s learn from you from participation and observation.

  6. […] an adult, trying to lose weight or save money, there is one thing we should never forget:  “Family Time Comes First.”  Thank you for the reminder, Money […]

  7. Not only did I like it….. I loved it. I had tears in my eyes as I read it. As one with workoholic tendencies I ALWAYS remind myself that family comes first. And I never regret that time with my hubby and daughter. It is priceless. (this one’s going in my round up Thursday) Thank you for an inspiring story.