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Frugal Ways to Save on Shower Costs

I use to live my life unaware of hidden costs such as those that exists when taking a shower or using other bathroom facilities.  I would like to say that I was naive and just considered them fixed costs… but that would be a lie.  I really just chose never to think about the cost associated with anything in the bathroom.

Since I grew up with these fixtures, I just thought that the cost associated with bathroom activities (like taking a shower) were extremely low and not worth considering.  However, being a self-proclaimed “Green Frugal Blogger“, I now have to take in consideration of such costs and patch them up like I would a hole in a bicycle inter-tube.

An Estimate of the Costs

Current Shower Costs

There was no easy way to calculate this number quickly, so I wisely choose to google “average shower cost“, and use a great calculator at the “Pay to Live Green” website.

After entering my numbers into the calculator based on our current consumption, and I came up with a following costs estimate:


These above figures are based on a total shower time of 50 minutes a day for my family of four.

Past Shower Costs

My wife and I didn’t always take the quick 10 to 15 minute showers.  Once I timed her showers and they were averaging 30+ minutes, and mine were at least 20 minutes (shower time was a great time for us to get lost in thought).

So using the same calculator that I used above and a shower time of 90 minutes, the following numbers was our old cost:


A significant increase in costs, obviously…

Frugal Ways to Save on Shower Cost

The following are some of the ways that I now save on shower cost in addition to taking shorter showers:

  • In the summer months, I take a Navy Shower
  • Since I telecommute some days, I try to skip a shower on those days.
  • Stagger my shower time with my wife.  The idea being that it won’t take as long to heat the water tank when the take if half full.
  • Have the kids shower ever other day or even a longer interval.
  • Keep my hair and the kid’s hair cut short so shampoo time is short too.
  • Take the TV/radio out of the shower (just kidding)…
  • Take showers at the gym or work (if one is provided) instead of at home.

Sometimes a long shower is worth it!

Have a hard day at work, or just went thought a grueling physical workout session or something bad happen during your day?  Feel free to take a “longer than 10 minute” shower that one time!  Sometimes, a long shower is a luxury worth taking!  Just try not to make it a habit…


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23 Responses to Frugal Ways to Save on Shower Costs

  1. How much have you lost in creativity?

    Actually, my showers are pretty short. When I take baths, they’re long, but I’m not that crazy about showers. But they’re more convenient, so that’s what I do. I do have to get clean every night or I can’t sleep.

    • Not sure what you mean by your question?

      I do wonder how many people know how much their average 10 minute shower costs. I know I didn’t know until I did this article…

      Showering is a very green process that can save water, if done correctly… I usually shower in the morning, that way I’m clean for the day.

        • Oh yes, that’s right…

          Well, I have to admit between working longer days, being sick and shorter showers… I haven’t been very creative 🙂

          Lately, it’s been a struggle just to get these post submitted, I’m seriously thinking about cutting back on the amount that I post.. 🙁

  2. Nice post. Never thought about how much a daily shower cost!

    Good call on showering at the gym or work as well – usually there’s higher water pressure there.

  3. Initially, I thought you were recommending 5 minute showers! My showers (in the morning) last 8-10 minutes and only that long to wake me up. Your post is making me think I should shorten that!

    • In the summer, I’ll take Navy Showers, but not in winter…

      I still take about 15 minute showers, but I don’t run the water the entire time. In winter, take a 10 minute shower typically.

  4. My water bill is included with my rent, but if it wasn’t, I have entertained the idea of taking “Navy Showers.” I wonder why that doesn’t occur to more people. You don’t need the shower on the entire time you’re in there. Turn it off!

    • That might be the best solution!

      I do have a low flow shower head, but I don’t know if it’s what you are talking about or not. I got mind at lowes when my other shower head was in bad shape. It’s about 3 years old now.

  5. Great post, MR!

    I have an idea!
    Shower with your spouse! (Occasionally, not all the time, otherwise there would be no private time for yourself)

    Not only will it help in the romance department, but it will help because you are using the same amount of water to wash two people 🙂

  6. Holy Moly I had no idea showers were so expensive! I used to take long showers but my showers have been shorter since we moved. The previous tenant installed one of those no scald things so the water never gets to that
    “ooooooooh” steamy hotness level.

    • I’ll do Navy showers in the summer, but not so much in the winter! So my showers are short too, but not like the Navy showers in the summer 🙂

  7. I take 5-7 minute showers 5-6 days a week and 15-20 minute showers 1-2 times a week (I have dry skin and long hair, so I can only wash my hair once or twice a week without drying out my scalp…I think it’s a good problem to have, lol). I think we waste the most water because we use the dish washer almost every day or two – I just really hate washing dishes by hand…

  8. My water bill is ridiculous. 5 people that shower daily, some twice a day (sports) plus all the laundry! Oh,and the dishwasher too.

    However, my showers are pretty short, so at least I am doing my part to keep the water bill reasonable.