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Health Journal Version .01

The same problems that plagued my progress on my health journal last week, also slowed me this week.  I’m putting in over 12 hours at work trying to fix a problem.  Like I said last week, normally such events would make me reverse course, but I’m sticking to my health journal goal!

Instead I did as much as I could, given the time that I’m able to do what I can…  So I decided to eat a little healthier and more cheaply.  The oatmeal bowls  in the chart below had fruit pieces in then and they were free!  So it was both healthy and cheap!

I started a crude journal (hoping to improve it during the upcoming weeks), that will serve as a starting point for tracking my fitness/health goals and saving money while doing it.  Another great option would be Weight Watchers Online, I’m sure they have a journal as part of their program!

Health Journal:

D0.00Leftover – Hibachi
02/08/11B0.00Free Oatmeal – McDonalds coupon
L2.00Side Salad,1 McDouble
D0.00Leftover – Hibachi
E10 minutespushup, situp, leg bends
02/09/11B0.00Free Oatmeal – McDonalds coupon
L2.00Side Salad,1 McDouble
D0.00Leftover – Hibachi
02/10/11B5.00Sausage English Muffin/ Latte
L5.00McChicken (Wendy’s)
D1.00Lasagna (not sure of cost so I’ll make it $1)

Sometimes life does knocks you off course, but you have the option to try to get back to the planned path that you are supposed to be on, instead of letting life’s circumstances dictate where you go…

So here you have my “not quite ready for prime time” health journal.


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21 Responses to Health Journal Version .01

  1. I can’t even stand the smell of McDonald’s. I haven’t eaten at one in 14 years. Free isn’t good enough… you would have to PAY ME quite a bit to eat there. (Wendy’s isn’t so bad.)

    Oatmeal is cheap, healthy, and very easy to make yourself. Probably less than the cost of your gas and time going to a McDonald’s to use the coupon. Get a big tub of rolled oats. Figure out what consistency you like by adding various amounts of water based on the instructions in the back while you microwave it. If it explodes, microwave it less time next time.

    Then add things like milk, dried fruit, cinnamon (even sugar), nuts etc. to taste.

    I lived on homemade oatmeal for breakfast while I was pregnant after the morning sickness subsided precisely because it’s so healthy and yet good enough to eat every morning. I would even set it out the night before with the water in a measuring cup and the oatmeal in a bowl so I could just add water to the bowl and zap in the morning before getting dressed.

    • I love oatmeal, I had the free coupons for the McDonald’s oatmeal with seemed like it was really fruit with a little bit of oatmeal mixed in really…

      I’m hooked on the lattes at McDs… It’s not horrible food, but not healthy food, that’s for sure!

  2. MR- Remember, next week is a new week.

    I have a question though- are you choosing McDonalds/Wendys because of lack of time or because you prefer the taste? Because if you factor in the time it takes to travel and wait for your food, I bet you could prepare something at home.

    I know life can throw wrenches, I have been a mess all week and haven’t done a lick of exercising or cooking. I have been relying on some ‘comfort food’ myself. So, what is the real source of why you are choosing McDonalds and Wendys?

    • Primarily convenience, it’s directly on my route from home and to work. And since I’ve been so busy, I caved in for the past few weeks…

      Hopefully next week will be better!

  3. I notice that you’re eating at fast-food places every breakfast and lunch. The oatmeal choice is great, but is there a way you can take a sandwich to work with you instead? I love McDonalds myself, but if I ate there every day for lunch, I’d be in trouble!

    • You’re right, to make a sandwich (perhaps tuna) at home is quick and easy, plus with less calories that McDonalds… I will choose that route going forward for the next week!

      Thanks 🙂

  4. I’ll have to agree with the rest on McD and Wendys. You should watch Supersize Me!

    Personally, I did this (having it for lunch almost every other day) and effects weren’t good. I do like McDs but not everyday.

  5. Eating healthy will be eating anything not on last week’s journal! Even if yo can not cook ( I can’t too) you can make simple meals and use the leftovers for lunches the next day. BTW, it would as cheap or cheaper than going to McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Good luck.

  6. Please cut off the fast food. You need to learn to cook and brown bag it.
    I cook a pot of steel cut oat meal and just stick it in the fridge. You can put honey, sausage, cereal & yogurt, fruits, or what ever. This is fast and very healthy.
    At least you have a journal so everyone can criticize you. 🙂

    • The criticize has been great, and I agree with everybody’s comments (your and above).

      Without our health, life isn’t a fulfilling as when we are running optimally.

      I have to admit, even when I cook oatmeal myself, I usually go for the instant oatmeal type. It’s a little more expensive but very quick.

      Thanks for the great advice! 🙂

  7. I understand the need to eat fast food sometimes. You’re hungry, it’s there, it’s cheap but it really does lead to health problems if it’s a habit. I hope you can try and cut out a lot of it. It will be insurance for your health.

  8. is mcdonalds your only option for food?
    If so, just pump out 3 sets of as many reps of push ups you can do before hopping in the shower every morning. It’ll make a difference.