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Health Journal Version 1, Keep Moving

I’ve decided to go with the same loose format with my health journal that I did last week.  I’ll build it out from this point.

This has been another crazy week! I was able to pack a tuna sandwich for work on Monday and Tuesday, but after those days, things fell apart a bit. I almost called off work on Thursday.

Half of the battle when you are sick is just plodding forward at work, and resting after you get home…

L1.00Tuna Sandwich
D1.00Lasagna (not sure of cost so I’ll make it $1)
02/15/11B0.00Free Oatmeal – McDonalds coupon
L1.00Tuna Sandwich
ESick – start of cold
02/16/11B0.00Free Oatmeal – McDonalds coupon
L3.00Side Salad,1 McDouble
D5.00Taco Bell 7 layer buritto, chicken Quesadilla
EOuch – very sick
02/17/11B5.002 Sausage English Muffin/ Latte
L3.50Spicy Chicken (Wendy’s)
D1.00Lasagna (not sure of cost so I’ll make it $1)
EOuch – very sick
02/18/11BFree Oatmeal – McDonalds coupon
LFree Local Mexican restaurant, Quesadilla
D1.00Pizza – Digornos
Estill sick

Since I caught a cold this past Tuesday, this has been a rough week. But I’m getting better. Unfortunately, my daughter has a bad case of the flu, and I’m wondering if I’m next…

I’m almost out of Free Fruit and Oatmeal coupons at McDonalds, and I have to admit, I’ll miss the small breakfast meal.  I won’t continue to get it if I have to pay though, the prices is too much compared to the less than 20 cents microwavable packets.

Hopefully I start to get some real traction next week!


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10 Responses to Health Journal Version 1, Keep Moving

    • Not too bad really, based on the numbers above, if you add the lunches and breakfast amounts, they add up to $15.00. My weekly dividend amount can cover that alone.

      But with my lunch experiment, I only save $40 of the $60 that I would normally spend, so I still have that
      $20 that I could have spent too.

  1. What are you trying to achieve? Eating healthier or losing weight or both? You may want a plan. For example, cut out one day of going out for lunch and build to five days. The next part may be getting away from fatty foods like lasagna, pizza, bacon etc. You don’t have to give it entirely, but reduce it to once a month.

  2. I recommend putting some fruit and veggies in your diet ASAP. And cut out all that nasty fast food. That might help with your current virus too.

    Since you have kids, I also recommend getting “Faster! I’m starving!” and learning how to cook with your kids so they can cook on their own some nights too. It is an incredibly important life skill to have (and will help them attract mates in the future, meaning a greater possibility of grandkids some day).

    Once you’ve been eating healthily for a few months without cheating, you may find it difficult to go back to the food you’ve been eating now.

    • Great advice 🙂

      I’m making progress slowly. I’ve actually thought about trying to cook one a week. In the summer I do grill sometimes… At least I’m teaching my son and daughter how to grill things, and more importantly how to be careful…

    • Great article, thank!

      I know their oatmeal has fruit which is nice, but you and the article are correct, it’s not as good as plain original oatmeal! Too much additives and sugar…

      Thanks for the find!