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MR Cache 2011 Feb 13, Seeing Is Not Believing Anymore

The progression of technology should  change the old axiom from “Seeing Is Believing“, to “Seeing is Not Believing Anymore“!

Another example of where “Seeing Is Not Believing Anymore” is video technology!  These days, it seems if the video is too real looking… there is a good chance it’s a hoax!

Take the following examples:

Haiti UFO Hoax – Seeing this video a few years ago, I was blown away by how real this looked!  After watching it 3 times I came to the conclusion that it was a hoax because it looked so unbelievable clear.  Here is the video with another viewer’s reasons that he believed the video was a fake.

Later, the actual creator comes out and shows how he did it.


Another video that looks very real was this one:

Girl quits job on dry eraser board:

Girl Quits Photo sequence, click here!

While the “Girl Quits”  is not quite as high-tech as the videos above, it still generated tons of traffic for the hoaxers.  Hopefully they paid the actress (or model) well…

So some people may be wondering why a person would create such elaborate types of  hoaxes.  Well I’m here to tell you!  Drumroll please…. “Money Reasons & Fame“!  Yep the amount of volume of traffic that these particular hoaxes created generated a truckload of money for their creators!  For example, the original Haiti video has had more than 15 million hits (wow)!

So, the next time you see an incredible video, but it looks too good to be true…  It just might be at that!

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There are other great bloggers out there that I didn’t include due to lack of time.  Hopefully next week, I’ll do a better job…  For now, I’m going to sleep early for once!

Favorite of Post of the Week on Money Reasons:

This week it was Is Our House Too Cold?, I think mainly because Dr Dean gave me the idea to become my own thermostat adjuster!


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8 Responses to MR Cache 2011 Feb 13, Seeing Is Not Believing Anymore

  1. Yeah, it was created back in 2007, so I was very impressed when I first watched it.

    The second UFO video, someone recognized the lady in the video, she was an actress too.

  2. I guess hoaxes now seem to be an interesting new media outlet for entertainment.

    Sometimes life is stranger than fiction though and those make the best stories.

    Thanks for the mention. I did end up sending a formal complaint to VRBO especially after hearing money beagle’s more reasonable and open dialog on the terms his rental. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Yeah, I actually enjoyed the “Girl Quits” photos, I felt a little robbed after I found out it was a hoax, but it was still a cool idea, all the same!

      Great writeup on your Vacation mishap, that’s information that can really help other in a similar scenario!

    • That’s the trick, anything that looks too good or clear is almost always a hoax anymore…

      Even the classic photo of the Lockness Moster was proven years latter to be a hoax. (a small toy submarine with the shape of Nessie mounted on it…

      Seeing is definitely not believing anymore.