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Superbowl XLV Win, Packers Had An Awesome Game!

Packers win
Packers win

Part of my family is from the Pittsburg area (although we don’t live in Pennsylvania now), so I’ve been a Pittsburg fan as long as I can remember.

But even I was rooting for the Packers (Packers won 31-25)!  It’s great to see the old 2nd oldest franchise team in the league back on top!  The Packers have such a rich football history, that it’s great to see them as contenders again.  But what was amazing for me was Aaron Rodger’s vision of winning the super bowl.  Through out the season he was constantly doing the motion of putting on a championship belt every time a touchdown happened (or so it seemed).

The team fought injuries throughout, including the loss of Donald Driver in the 1st half of the Superbowl.  But it wasn’t enough to stop the Packers on their path to victory!

Rodgers was hit or knocked down more that 16 times, but that wasn’t enough to stop him!  He had suffered multiple concussions throughout the session, but even that wasn’t enough to stop him.  His unwavering belief and efforts was truly amazing! 

Throughout the game, I only saw Aaron make 1 small error on a bad throw.  Other than that throw, he played a perfect game.

So I now believe in believing!  Rodgers believed that his team was destined to win the Superbowl, and that’s exactly what they did!  How often does that happen, where a team or a person states that we’re the ones and that they will win it all?  But then actually backup what they say by actually winning?!

I don’t know what type of person Aaron Rodgers is in person, but from a performance standpoint, he truly impressive!


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10 Responses to Superbowl XLV Win, Packers Had An Awesome Game!

  1. Must email my MIL the congratulations! She must be floating. You know, she has an entire room in her house decked out in Packers (ceiling fan, mousepad, rug, barbies, pictures, mini stadium, etc.).

  2. I was rooting for the Packers, but only because of a ridiculous youtube video of a guy playing Madden on Xbox and he was commentating on Greg Jennings.

    (you can search on Greg Jennings Broken Leg on Youtube. Not a video for the kiddies to listen to, that is for sure.)

    I am so sophisticated!

  3. I’m fairly new to watching football so I really didn’t care who one. (Although I had a Steeler’s helmet for sale on ebay and now I’m pretty sure it won’t sell!) But it’s funny that when the teams first entered the field I commented to my husband about how the Packers looked more energetic than the Steelers. The Steelers looked a little gruff and run-down. Many of them reminded me of Grizzly Adams! 😉

    • It was a win-win for me! If Pittsburg won, it was a team that I’ve been a fan so since I was a wee lad. If Packers won (and they did), it felt like something from the past, great feeling.

      Yeah, the days of clean cut football players is over (except for the quarterbacks).

  4. You know you could be banned from Pittsburgh for misspelling it! For the record, I was rooting for Pittsburgh and was disappointed they were making a lot of mistakes and Green Bay wasn’t! The guy who stands out for believing he could win was Joe Namath with the New York Jets for Super Bowl III.

  5. As a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, I operate with the notion that the Packers are the biggest rival. Here in Chicago, people were heavily rooting against the Packers. It’s the longest rivalry in the NFL, dating back to before the Great Depression. Generations of fans in Chicago and the state of Wisconsin have had this rivalry.

    I was pulling for Pittsburgh, needless to say!

    Nevertheless, even though they’re the Packers and on top of that they knocked my Bears out the prior week in order to get to the Super Bowl, I have to give them credit for a great postseason run. Well done, and the Green Bay tradition keeps growing, yet another big game for that franchise.