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Telecommuting Benefits

Telecommuting benefits both the employee and the employer, it’s the perfect win-win situation if both parties do it correctly!  I decided to write about my experiences with telecommuting and the benefits there within.

I’m going to start out with employee benefits, because this the area I know the most about.  Since I telecommute a few days a week, it’s an area that I know and feel I can speak about with a high degree of accuracy.  While I only telecommute a few days a week, other bloggers work sole by telecommuting to work.  One of my favorite blogger, Kris @ Everyday Tips is a perfect example of an employee that only telecommutes to work.

Employee Benefits

  • Time savings from not commute into work.
  • Car accident avoidance from not commute into work
  • Sleep time savings from getting up later because of no need to get a shower in the morning.
  • Gas cost saving from no commute.
  • Car “wear and tear” reduction from no commute.
  • Reduction in work cloths wardrobe.
  • More satisfying degree of focus on work at hand, if done correctly.  This is because of the reduced social opportunities and the lack of friendly chit-chat walkbys from friends and peers.
  • Reduced eating cost, since food can be prepared at home vs a restaurant.
  • Able to be a mobile worker.  You can even be on vacation and work remotely, if you have a fast enough internet and cell phone connection.

Employer Benefits

  • More productive workers from reduced chit-chat
  • Reduced space requirements because of shared cubicle space.
  • Employees willing to extent their workday and work at odd hours
  • Employees feel more engaged.

Reasons Not To Totally Telecommute

Telecommuting has some great benefits, but I don’t think I would want to do it everyday.  I think the old saying “Out of site, out of mind” still applies.  It’s also easier to layoff someone if you don’t see them occasionally, not to mention subcontracting your job out, or even offshore the position.

Personally, I like to telecommute a few times a week.  To go to a total telecommuting work schedule would be hard for me, especially from a social interaction standpoint.


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9 Responses to Telecommuting Benefits

  1. I did this in the past. It takes a lot of discipline and can be very rewarding if done correctly.

    But if the company is planning layoffs, guess who’s first on the line?! It is easy to layoff people who are out of sight. Psychology.

    So unless you are indispensable, think hard about this path.

    • I agree, I have a mix of 2 (and sometimes 3) days off and the rest on per week. It’s enough to be seen 🙂

      Plus, I would get bored unless I went out of the house occasionally to socialize…

  2. if only Americans understood that. i have been around the world and nowhere else is there a more strict emphasis on being in the office 9 to 5. we have created an interesting culture for us, which is actually being followed in developing/emerging nations. i continue to be impressed with many European companies however, who continue to offer the autonomy and flexibility, but then again maybe their issue is related to space, congestion and ridiculous real estate prices

    • Interesting! I didn’t realize that Europe was so relaxed about this.

      But could one argue that perhaps since most Americans do have to go to the office, that that is the reason that we are one of the countries with the most productive workers?

  3. Telecommuting is definitely the present and the future. It’s just so much easier for companies and employees. Yep. I do like the article.

  4. As a former business executive, I think management will always treat people who telecommute differently. Never equally, they discount the seriousness of the effort.

    • I can see that! Although, I do know a lady that sole telecommuted to work and she was promoted to director.

      But overall, I think you are right!