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How Rich People Think (Book Review)

How Rich People Think

When I first received this book, I thought it was going to be another “This is Bill, he lives next door and he is rich and here is his story” kind of book (which I eat up, I love that kind of stuff).  Boy, was I wrong… but in a surprisingly good way!

The book “How Rich People Think” by Steve Siebold,  contrasts the thoughts of the middle class and the “world-class” (rich) groups.  The author does this through many interviews with some of the richest people in the world.  Let me quote two chapter headings from the book:

Middle class minimizes the importance of money with their kids…  World class teaches their kids the importance of money

Middle class thinks about money in linear terms…  World class thinks about money non-linear terms

Each of the  two examples above has a page to a page and a half of material that expands on his thoughts.  Those thoughts were very original and refreshing!

What I really loved about this book though was it is a perfect “quick read while waiting” book.  So when you are in a dentist or doctors office this book is perfect for reading while waiting.  The books was also practical for getting your oil changed, traffic jams, or in a drive though line, etc.

The thoughts the author writes are perfectly digestible in small chucks.  I also enjoyed the famous quotes and the recommendations for other books to read for further information on each chapter.

So the question is, do I recommend this book?  Yes, it has digestible and interesting material.  Is it my utmost favorite book, no, but it is very good in its own right.

I guess I like the convenience of the style of the book.  I wish more books were like it, just to add a little change of pace every now and then.

Have you read this book?  and if so what was your take on it?


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7 Responses to How Rich People Think (Book Review)

  1. I didn’t read this book but I’ve read others. A book like this is critical if you want to advance financially, because so much of the difference between rich and non-rich is rooting in thinking.

    For example, many non-rich think that most rich people got what they have by luck, which in itself is classic non-rich thinking. That also explains the appeal of lotteries–a.k.a., “the poor man’s dream”.

    This topic also came up in a sociology course I took in college. One of the fundamental differences between rich and middle class, for example, was in how they raise their kids.

    The rich teach their kids how to advance and thrive, while the middle class is most concerned with keeping their kids out of trouble–which group of kids is more likely to grow up to be rich adults?

    We can find success and happiness in life without being rich, but it seems that the attitudes of the rich are probably more constructive if only because they’re more focused on opportunity than on situation.

    • I liked this book because it tell you directly what most rich folk do and think. It’s a bit of a different mindset.

      There were definitely some parts where I was like “really!”

    • It’s a perfect car book. Let’s say you are stuck in the drive-thru or stuck on the freeway in traffic where nothing is moving… This book is perfect for those times.