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J Comic #2 Mr Plate Meets a Lion

Saturday Fun!

My daughter is going to a 3 hour girl scout thing with my wife.  So that means my son and I will be hanging out all day, at least until his soccer game tonight…

This is my first Audio (podcast) on my site:  HelloWorld2

I did it for fun, I don’t know if I’ll do it again or not.  I use the Audacity software and it was great and it’s free to boot!

My Plate Meets a Lion

I was glad to include the podcast this week.  I learned a lot about audacity, and I’ll probably use that software again from some projects!

Have a great weekend, I’m cutting this post out because I want to enjoy the weekend too 🙂

I’ll be Back on Sunday.


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6 Responses to J Comic #2 Mr Plate Meets a Lion

    • I like her drawing of the lion, I have no idea where that came from…

      I was trying to convince my daughter to put the last line that Mr. Plate was afraid the lion was going to “lie on” him. But she was tired at that point…

  1. I think you should definitely pay your daughter to do a weekly cartoon. That would teach all kinds of lessons. I think you should have a sliding scale and have her get more money if she uses multiple colors and stuff just to see what she’ll do.

    That lion is rockin.

    • The lion is my favorite too!

      I already told her that I would pay her $1 for each cartoon she create for Saturday’s slot. Of course I also offered my son a similar deal, but not cartoons. If he decided to try (which I doubt that he will), I’ll probably have him write his views on something.

      As for my daughter, she can actually draw better than what she did above, so I tell her to take her time, and if she does does good drawings, I’ll pay her $2, instead of $1.

      I agree, I think it would be an awesome lesson for her!