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Money Cache 2011 March 06: Reboot Edition

Weekly Thoughts:

I decided to create a pillar post on my Disney World Experience (from the end of 2009) yesterday. I labored away at the post for hours, typing, tweaking and editing photos, until I created what I believe to be one of my best post to date. If not the best, then definitely the longest as it is over 1000 words!

I was so happy with it that I called in my 10 year old son to check it out. I meant to click preview, but instead click “Publish”!

OH NO! I quickly realized what happened and I went to change the status back to the original, but I was way to late. It already had a hit from my RSS feed that failed because of my changing the status of the post back to draft, so I toggled the post back to a published state and will live with it.

The Disney World post is part of a refocusing my efforts on blogging in a different way. I’ve blog long enough to know a few things, so I’m going to experiment with those new ideas. So, in a way I’m rebooting my approach towards blogging!

Hopefully, the restart will enhance my blog by a decent factor.

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Today, I’m going to do something unique in that instead of recommending my typical group of particular blog sites, I’m going to recommend that you instead check out the great list of some of the best personal finance sites on pf blogging at

I can honestly say that their isn’t a bad apple in the bunch, and each provide a unique flavor to the pf blogosphere segment!

Favorite Posts from for the Recent Past:

Disney World is my longest post to day and one of the best I’ve written! I especially like it because of the great memories that it invoked!

How Much Money Is a Lot of Money? This was so much fun, that the entire article just flowed like water running down a stream. It was a very fun and rewarding piece that seems simple on the surface, but has some hidden meaning between the line, especially about inflation.

Keep Your Cool To Save Money Good practical advices, especially if you are easy to anger while driving!

Becoming Beautiful, What the Beautiful People Know – I learned a lot about how photoshop really does make impossible beautiful people that don’t exist. I thought the included videos were incredible fascinating!

Carnival of the Yakezie #50, The Quickening – The Yakezie Carnival is running strong again! If you’d like to host the great carnival shoot me an email ( (at) replacing the (at) with @ of course.

Paying Off Your Mortgage is Like Working at a Second Job – This is such a great feeling, I decided to describe one of these hidden benefits of paying off your mortgage early!

Crystal (at left a great comment that I didn’t add to my initial article. It was such a great comment, that I though was worthy of a quote below:

In fact, I guess I would see living mortgage free as the best part-time job ever since it doesn’t actually require the truly priceless commodity of time!

Crystal’s right, it’s like working a 2nd job, but without any time wasted in doing so! So it’s really like a 2nd job, where there is no work involved! Awesome!

Carnivals and Mentions this past week:

Closing Thoughts:

Sometimes, things go bad and it’s easier to reboot the process and build from the ground up.


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14 Responses to Money Cache 2011 March 06: Reboot Edition

  1. Doh, I’ve done that “press preview vs. publish” a couple times before. No biggie, just not ideal.

    Gonna go check out your Disney World post now!

  2. I did the same thing with the Yakezie roundup today! Hit publish when I meant to make a few more changes to it… happens to all of us. You would think they’d move the buttons a bit further apart or something. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for mentioning the carnival!

    • I once made the mistake of hitting the “Trash” button when I first started. I didn’t know how to recover back then, so I had to start all over.

  3. Yes done that too!

    It’s a good idea to to a list of previous articles, especially for new readers.

    Thanks for the shout out; love the idea of mortgage freedom being like a second job!

    • Thanks, it’s the first time I tried that…

      The 2nd job post was fun, it really does have a huge impact on cash flow!

  4. Did that too. What I didn’t realize until recently is that google tends to cache the original version, so even if you tweak it, it’ll still search your article based on the original one.

    Now that I think of it, that might be a reason why my search engine stats are so low, because I have a horrible habit of publishing articles and forgetting to put the tags in til later. I wonder if there is a good way to fix that.

    • Yeah, it kind of bites that it caches the way it does, but I guess when it’s the internet they have to do what they have to do.

  5. I accidentally published a post that I wrote for Sweating the Big Stuff on my site…argh. Luckily he didn’t mind that I immediately pulled it down and accepted it anyway. I was so worried I’d have to write another post and it was already way past my bedtime!

    • Oh, that would bite! I feel you pain on that one.

      It’s soo easy to do… Especially once it starts to get into the late hours.

      I feel better now, I’m not alone πŸ™‚