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MR Cache 2011 March 13 – Sad Disaster Days

Weekly Thoughts:

The earthquake and the continuous aftershock quakes in Japan are very bad, and has caused both fires in cities and problems with some of the energy nuclear plants.

The pounding of the tsunami may have caused thousands of death, where entire trains and the population of some cities are missing.

People are already saying that this might be the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.  I hope somehow it’s brought under control, or matters may become much worse!

Our hearts go out the Japanese people, and we hope things aren’t as bad as they appear.

The rest of this post was done in advance, so I’m just going to publish it out with a heavy heart.

I decided to follow the Financial Samurai’s lead and put a link to red cross for the earthquake/tsunami disaster on my site!  Please consider clicking on this red cross link to make a contributions to this disaster that primarily Japan is experiencing!  Thanks!

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Closing Thoughts:

We’ll hope for the best, keeping our fingers crossed!


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