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MR Cache 2011 March 20 – World Turmoil

Weekly Thoughts:

On the global level, things still look pretty bad!  The Japanese earthquake/tsunami was much worse than I imagined.  Whereas I expected casualties of a few thousand, the number is really larger than 10,000.  What a terrible loss of life!  And that not taking into account the nuclear threat!  While I don’t expect a total meltdown, it would be nice if the nuclear problems could get under control sooner than later…  Here is wishing the best of  luck getting it under control!!!

I just read online that the UN bombed some strategic locations in Libya.  Mostly planes and airfields were destroyed I believe.  Hopefully the Libya conflict will come to a close soon, people are suffering.

On a personal note, I’m going great.  Most of the earlier conflict from the beginning of the year is now water under the bridge.  My family seems to be going well, and everybody is healthy.

Spring is around the corner, and I’m going to welcome the season with open arms!  I’ve got cabin fever and I’m ready to get out of the house for a while!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

  • First Gen American: Tour of Babci’s House– A central theme of Sandy’s blog is her mom Babci!  Here Sandy take her readers for a tour of Babci’s house and discusses some of the interesting habits of Babci.
  • Budgeting in The Fun Stuff: St. Patrick’s Day – Make Your Own “Luck of the Irish”– Wow, this guest post from Kevin at is very powerful and a great read!  I’ve never heard of such a tactic that he used to get the job that he talks about in the article.  Especially since he was rejected!  Kevin must have a high degree of confidence!  Kudos to him!
  • The Ultimate Juggle: Why I Love My Job III– Much like BIFS’s article above, this one was also a St. Paddy’s post.  It’s a bit on the humorous side, and a very fun read.  I wish my job were as fun as The Bloggette’s
  • Get Rich Slowly: Reader Story: How I Avoided Student Loans– This is BIFS’s guest post at one of the largest and arguable the best personal finance in the blogosphere.  Congratulations Crystal!
  • Everyday Tips and Thoughts: Thoughts For Thursday: Cars, Driving, and Smoking! – I thought it was cool that Kris wrote this article right before she bought her new Ford Escape revealed in a later article.  I agree with all of her thoughts as I usually do.  Interesting read, and if you read her article, check out her newer car purchase article too!


Favorite Posts from for the Recent Past:

  • Are Cigarettes Keeping You Poor Both in Wealth and Health!– This is a post about the incredible expensive habit of smoking these days!  Perhaps it’s always been expensive, but with the sin taxes imposed on cigarettes, its way to expensive for my taste.  I’d rather go on a fancy vacation with that money instead.
  • Why We Didn’t Buy The Most House We Could Afford – This article is really about making sure you are not in the pickle of being “House rich but cash poor“!  But I also provide a reason why we didn’t want to be “House rich” and it kind of took over my post.  The comments are very interesting… more along the lines of SAHMs vs Daycare, but still a good read.
  • How Many Millions Does It Take to Feel Rich?– What is your number where you would feel rich?  over 40% of people who are millionaires say 7.5 million or higher.  Personally, I think 2, 3 or 5 million would suite me just fine.  Although, I’m starting to doubt 2 million after writing the article…
  • Uncrushed Aluminum Can Infestation – We started crushing aluminum cans as part of my son’s recycling experiment.  I discuss a technique that speeds up the process for crushing the cans too.
  • How Rich People Think (Book Review) – I was pleasantly surprised as I read the book (How Rich People Think) by Steve Siebold.  While the chapters are typically a page or a page and a half, the information it covered was amazing!  It’s a great drive-thru, traffic jam, doctor’s waiting room read!  I’m actually going to read it again (slowly), but keeping it in the car for all of the reasons listed above.
  • 3 Videos On Investing, Including Warren Buffett’s Technique – As an investor, I found all three of the videos every entertaining!  The Day Trader video was incredible.  It was cool watching the Nasdaq Level 2 quotes flow on this screen.  The Warren Buffett video was very interesting too.  He is somewhat of a paradox these days.  Amazing man!


Carnivals and Mentions This Past Week:

Closing Thoughts:

Now that spring is just around the corner, I hope to pick things up again and become more active.  It seems like I’m in a constant state of learning lately!  Oh, I just a translator link to translate my blog into a different language using google’s translate app.

We’re still hoping for the best for the world!


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