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Wealth Tip #8: Believe Your Way To Wealth

Believe Your Way To Wealth

I remember reading “The Millionaire Next Door”, and Stanley (the author) stated that the majority of those that are very rich “Believe”.

At the time, I wondered what exactly he meant and if it was one religion, and which one.

Well, after dwelling deeper into that “Believe” rabbit hole, I’ve since learned that Believing (meaning believing in a higher power) also means believing that you will become wealthy!

Those that believe that they are to be wealthy, prepare by using tools such as spreadsheets, accountants and other cognitive tools to help visualize the path to riches.

So as for “Belief” associated with one particular religion, it doesn’t really matter.   In fact, to conclude so would be a spurious relation at best.  The key is have passion and believe that you are predestined to be wealthy.

It does help to think that your god or higher power wants you to be rich and that it is one of your objectives assigned to you from your god (or higher power).

So an intense (quest like) focus on becoming wealthy help you accomplish this feat!  Plus, from what I read, others that are rich may help you along your way in the form of connection, encouragement, (lending) money and friendship in general.

This makes perfect sense if you think about the way we accomplish every other goal in life.  When we learn how to ___________ (ride a bike, swim, read, etc), it take focus and determination.  But how often do we wake up with that type same type of focus on how to make money daily?

Granted riding a bike takes a day or two at best, while becoming wealthy takes years or tens of years, so the focus period is much longer but still similar!

Okay, so we just believe that we will be wealthy and it will be so…  is it really that easy?

Yes and No, you need to believe that it’s that easy, but at the same time you’ll have to put in some effort to figure ways to make that money, save that money and invest that money.

Is it still possible to become wealthy without believing?

Of course, but you might get their quicker, be more wealthy, and have more fun all around if you focus on the activity of becoming wealthy…

What do you think?  Does it make sense that focusing and working on becoming wealthy will improve your odds of really becoming wealthy?


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21 Responses to Wealth Tip #8: Believe Your Way To Wealth

  1. Believe Your Way To Wealth…

    Believe you way to wealth, means two things. 1st that your god wants you to be wealthy, and 2nd that you can become rich if you continuously keep your focus and drive. Both work hand in hand to help create wealth!…

  2. Believe Your Way To Wealth | Money Reasons…

    Believe you way to wealth, means two things. 1st that your god wants you to be wealthy, and 2nd that you can become rich if you continuously keep your focus and drive. Both work hand in hand to help create wealth!…

  3. It might be acurate to say that by believing you will get rich, you’ll have a chance of doing it. If you don’t believe you will, then you probably won’t.

    There are no guarantees that you’ll become wealthy by believing you will, but it’s unlikely you’ll just stumble into either.

    It’s probably a matter of creating the vision, then taking concrete steps to feed it. Maybe that’s the real definition of believing–taking action.

    • Yes, taking action is definitely crucial too.

      I really think it’s a combination of skills/talents. Believe, action, perserverance, socialization and common sense.

  4. I really liked that book! His latest one is on my wish list, but I have a ton of reading to do before I buy another one.
    I agree with your premise, you must have belief and conviction in thought, as that leads to focus and determination in action.

    • I definitely want to read it too. It will be interesting to see how the figures have changed!

      I also like his book “Stop acting Rich”. It was an easier read, but great all the same.

  5. Woah…deep.

    I think the first step is having the confidence to know that you can achieve wealth if that is what you choose to pursue.

    The second step is to make the sacrifices to get there…be it college, working long hours, etc.

    There are people who want to be wealthy but don’t want to work (I have family members in this category and one of them ended up stealing from his dad on his death bed). He believed in being wealthy so much that he was willing to steal and betray his closest relatives to get there.

    There are people who believe and are willing to work to get to that goal..those are people like us.

    Then there are people who’ve lost all hope because they don’t know how a person in their circumstances can rise out of poverty…those are the ones with no role models to look up to. They also believe that getting wealthy is out of their control and in the control of someone else and that’s just sad.

    • Great comment!

      I think it’s great because I totally agree with everything you said! Especially about the poor lacking role models (I’ve been there…)!

      Sounds like that family member lacked decency…

      I was thinking I don’t think I would like to get rich just be cheating and stealing it. I would rather earning it or win it by legitimate means. After all, it’s the journey that’s fun in life…

  6. I guess that the basic foundation for trying to do something comes from believing that you can. But I think that if we were to look at a formula for becoming wealthy, I’d have to say it’s 20% believing, 70% hard work and frugality, and 10% luck or making good choices. 😉

    • I think it’s cumulative.

      But first you have to believe. If you don’t believe you don’t escape your family financial status from childhood. This might explain why there are some brilliant people that are still poor and stuck at the same strata as their family economically. It’s not because they aren’t smart enough or don’t work hard enough. It’s because they don’t believe they can escape the shackles of their childhood. Their subconscious keeps saying “my dad/mom and their dad/mom were poor and so to will I be, why try”…

      That’s what I’ve noticed with some of my friends

      That said, you are correct! It still take more than just believing that you will be rich. Work is still a requirement, and at a minimum common sense and financial savvy.

  7. I do agree! If you reinforce the belief that you’ll always be poor, you are simply not ready to be rich.

    It begins with a state of mind.

    • Yep, I’ve know a lot of smart people that didn’t believe that they would ever be rich and so they didn’t even try. They just lived from the moment, and never really tried…

  8. As the old adage goes, what the mind believes, the body can achieve. Of course, you still have to do the work but every success starts with the proper mindset and motivation.

    Believing first that you can be rich forces your body to find ways to achieve that goal!

    • What a great adage! I was trying to think of a quote to put in this post. The only thing I could remember was from the matrix “The body cannot live without the mind”, but that didn’t quite hit the spot (lol).

  9. I think it’s pretty damn easy to get wealthy! We don’t live in an oppressive country. I believed I would be wealthy ever since I was around 11 when I saw my rich friends get picked up by their drivers in their Benzos. It’s a mindset!


    • I think you are right Sam. With effort and focus, practically anyone can become wealthy!

      I think society (especially the media) brainwashes us into believing that it’s difficult.

      Lately, I feel like I’ve been sleeping too long, and it’s time to take action! Believe, mindset, self-confidence… it’s all similar and related.

  10. If you don’t believe, you’ll never be wealthy. Believing is the just the first step though. Many people believe they’ll become wealthy and they never achieve that goal. IMO, it takes hard work and a lot of luck.