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Would You Want a Big Dog Robot?

Okay, I’m going to turn away from my typical posts today to talk about the following videos.

I’ve never seen such cool robotics before!  A vehicle (I almost call it an animal, lol) like this could be used in so many interesting circumstances!  Especially for the the defense sector, but I can imagine plenty of commercial uses too!

They also have something called Squishbot, that will be able to change shapes for tasks!

Both robots are being developed my a company called Boston Dynamics.  When I see such an incredible functional robot, I instantly think “How much will it Cost”, and what is the ticker symbol of Boston Dynamics.

I can see this robot being used as a mule when moving through the woods or other tough terrain where a wheeled vehicle would fail!

If the company is public, it might be a great one to watch!

While the “Big Dog” robot is pretty darn cool, we are still very far away from having something like the robots in the movies

The above is from the movie IRobot, not to be confused with the company irobot (ticket IRT)

While I think the IRobot movie was cool, I don’t think I want a robot that has emotions!  Still the robot in the movie looked very cool!

Back to Boston Dynamic!  If they are a publicly tranded company, would you purchase some shares based on your observations here?

Update: I had to throw this video from the ELO song “Yours Truly” in the post too…


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8 Responses to Would You Want a Big Dog Robot?

  1. “Big Dog” does not seem very warm and cuddly! I think I do not have room for him anyway. Robots seem to make sense in manufacturing, medicine, dangerous situations and perhaps some routine chores, but definitely not as a pet. I prefer to invest using mutual funds.

    • Yeah, “Big Dog” is just the name the company gave the robot (I think). It’s ability to move and catch itself from falling is amazing! It’ll be interesting to see where that technology goes…

      IRobot (the company) has wheeled robotic units, but they seem easily obstructed by obstacles. This machine is a bit more versatile with respect to obstructions.

      The video was from 2008, I wonder how far the technology has evolved…

  2. Awesome post MR! I used to build robots, so when I first saw this video I was in awe! It is extremely, extremely hard to build something like this!

    I hope it is not used for some nefarious purposes by putting a ‘fricking laser on it’s head’! 🙂 (Dr. Evil in Austin Powers!)

    • Lol, very clever with the Dr. Evil reference 🙂

      I read they they want to use these robotic units as mules for soldiers where wheeled vehicles would have problems.

      I was impressed when that guy tried to push it over with his foot, and was unsuccessful… Very neat!

      I do hate that whining noise from the engine on the robot though… It is kind of spooky!

  3. I am not a ‘robot’ person. Actually, robots kind of creep me out. I hated all those toys kids had like ‘meowchi’ (sp?) and there was some dog too, can’t remember the name.

    This robot is so strange looking- those legs! I am sure it could be used for some cool things though. I am glad you shared the video.

    • I was freaked out from the high pitched music! I would hate to be around those machine just because of that spooky noise alone!

      I can see how it would be useful in war though.

  4. I had a couple of friends on the robotics programs at work. Most of those people end up making automation equipment for high speed production and assembly lines. Robotics have already revolutionized the way we live, but it’s all back room stuff that you never see. In fact robotics are the sole reason why some of the manufacturers in the US can compete with the cheap labor in developing countries. They are more productive and can still compete on price.

    Robots are Cool. Two thumbs up from this dorky engineer.