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Benefits of Coaching A Young Soccer Team

This year my local city soccer organization was short on coaches for my daughter’s soccer league, so I took the bait and signed up.

I have to admit, it wasn’t an easy decision for me, after all you have to deal with grumpy parent,  kid issues, and time that could be spent on other more productive things.

But is this a fair assessment?

Let’s look at the benefits of coaching soccer:

  1. This role is great training on becoming a leader, even if the audience is little girls and parents.
  2. If I do a great job, I can provided valuable guidance for young minds and influence their thoughts in a positive way.
  3. Perhaps my daughter will have bragging rights, aka “my dad is my soccer coach”, but probably not (lol).
  4. I get exposure to being head of a team and all the glory of winning (or perhaps not).
  5. If I had a business to promote, I could try to develop connections in my social network.
  6. One could develop new friends and make something more of the job than just coaching.
  7. Taking this coach position keeps the number of girls on a team to a level where all the girls get to play at every game.
  8. Ice cream for the team after wins!

Now let’s take a look at the Cons of such a role:

  1. I might have to manage criticizing and disrespectful parents, so there is some stress.
  2. There might be some problem kids on the team, so more stress.
  3. A child may get injured during my watch, did I mention stress?
  4. I lose valuable time that  don’t really have.
  5. Maybe I won’t be a mind molder, after all, I’m just a short time coach.

Well, actually these points, both Pros and Cons are moot at this point since I already signed up.  If I had a bucket list, this would be one item I could cross of the list.  Plus this is an age specific task!  Once all of my kids are grown, it would be harder to become a coach for your typical 7-year-old girls.

I’m a little naive in this new coaching role, I hope I don’t disappoint!  Have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone because the benefit to the community and in particular the girls on my team outweigh the option of doing nothing?


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20 Responses to Benefits of Coaching A Young Soccer Team

    • I hope so!

      After talking to a few guys at work, it sounds like each parent has their own idea what is expected.

      I’ll try to lay down my vision over and over so they know what I’m personally striving for…

      Still, I expect a stressful season since this is my first go at it.

  1. You’ll do fine. Your primary job isn’t for you to win rather it’s for the kids to have fun, if they win it’s just icing on the cake. Good on you for signing up.. they could have done a lot worse.

    -Ravi Gupta

  2. Coaching can be great fun if you don’t have insane parents. I have been a recreational soccer coach for my kids for 9 years. I was so nervous that first game, but then it becomes second nature after awhile.

    One more benefit of coaching- you can schedule the practices around your schedule!

    • Agreed about the insane parents – sometimes it’s a thankless job. Fight through that though, and you’ll find it’s incredibly rewarding.

      Good luck!

    • Yeah, it was nice scheduling around my family for once!!!

      My first meeting (a practice) went pretty well, I stumbled briefly until I saw a parent in the crowd with a smirk on their face. That brought me into focus right quick!

      Too bad the first practice had to be canceled because of work being done on the fields. I’m looking forwards to it next week 🙂

  3. It’s not the winning, it’s the sportsmanship, the team work, communications and such. Unfortunately many coaches put a lot of emphasis on winning any which way the players can. They eventually lose and lose big.

    • At the level I’m at we don’t even keep score. Of course like all things in live, scoring is important too.

      I’m hoping everybody on the team makes at least one goal and has a great time overall.

  4. You’ll be great! My boss just signed up to coach for his 7 year old daughter’s team and is having fun despite the fact he has no previous soccer experience…

  5. Team sports is so important in people’s lives. It is a great opportunity to instill values such as sportsmanship, character and work ethic. If you get a chance, read some of Coach John Wooden’s (UCLA basketball coach) books.

  6. Good for you. Maybe your daughter will take a huge interest in soccer for the rest of her life because your her coach now.

  7. I think you’ll do fine. I coached both the boys’ teams for years, more for my younger than my older. I loved doing the 5 and 6 year olds, they were so much fun. As for obnoxious parents, I never really had any trouble. My first meeting of the season I cautioned all the parents that if I *ever* had any trouble from anyone, I would stop the game, call them out and thoroughly embarrass everyone. 🙂

  8. Good luck with the soccer coaching. The girls will be easy to deal with. They will just want to have fun and socialize. The parents are the tough ones. You would be wise to manage parental expectations (especially those parents who are competitive) early in the season.

    My daughter plays high school soccer and has been playing since she was 4. I never did the coach thing but was a soccer referee for 5 years until I got too busy with all the other kids in our house. Have fun and don’t eat too much ice cream.

    • I was hoping to use Ice cream as a big motivator! And maybe even a pizza party at the end of the season.

      My son want to referee games, but he’s only 10 right now. Maybe when he’s a big older they’ll let him.

  9. The biggest benefit is your daughter and others get to play soccer. My son’s little league team was canceled this season because they didn’t have enough coaches. My husband would have done it, but they wanted someone to commit to mid-week, middle of the day practice times. No wonder you don’t have enough coaches. How many people have that kind of flexibility?

    You are a good egg.