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Everything Goes Trash Night is Like Bizarro Christmas

Bizarro Santa
Bizarro Santa


Today is almost like a holiday for me!  It’s the only day of the year that I do a bizarro twist in my trash routine and actually look forward to taking the trash out!

You see, in my city, once a year the city will pick up anything that doesn’t fix in the trashcan.  On this day it’s much like the Bizarro Christmas…

The conversations goes as follows…  this toy can go, that toy is broked, goodbye Mean Greenlawnmower, broken sled, old basketball hoop and broken kite!

It’s a balance, I don’t want to throw everything away, and actually some things were saved by my daughter…  Hello old yucky kitchen set that my daughter still wants, hello old but-still-in-decent-shape bike that my son want to give to Goodwill.

Everything Goes Trash night is a busy night for tinkerers!  For they play the role of bizarro Santa during this fine reverse Christmas day!

As my wife was sitting in our bedroom, she heard a noisy truck than made such a clatter (the noise woke up my son too).  With the TV and lights turned off in both bedrooms, my wife and son in parallel watch as a man in a old red sleigh pickup truck take “Mean Green” (my old broken lawnmower) away.

As I stopped to watch too, I feel guilty knowing that “Mean Green” was pretty busted up and even missing a handle.  But that doesn’t stop the tinkerer man, he goes right to work and heaves it onto his truck bed much like Santa does with a bag full of toys as he put them on his red sleigh.  The tinkerer didn’t look up and went right to work, shifting his truck to run as it took off with a noisy jerk!  I start to wonder if we should have left cookies and milk…

As I’m typing this I can hear the tinkerer’s truck on other stops in the neighborhood.  the clanging of other mechanical things onto his truck (which was actually pretty full when he took my lawnmower).

You might think that I’m making fun of this man (the tinkerer), but actually, I think he’s awesome and here’s why:

  1. The tinkerer will try to make something that will work out of the mechanical trash that he collects (but probably not “Mean Green”, because it was very busted up).
  2. The parts that doesn’t work may be recycled as he takes the metal chassis and other pieces of such very broken machines to a metal recycling center.  To make money of course!
  3. By salvaging these machines, he is keeping money in the economic system.  When the pieces go to the junkyard, these machines/materials leave the economic system.  So he is in his own way helping the enconomy.  Betcha didn’t see that one coming!
  4. Obviously, the machines he takes partially won’t go to the landfill and this is a very green activity.

So I really like this special day because I get rid of our oddball and large broken trash, but it’s also a very green day with tickerers coming out to save the day!



14 Responses to Everything Goes Trash Night is Like Bizarro Christmas

    • No, we had 2 stop by at the end of the drive and take 1 broken lawnmower and 1 kid’s basketball hoop.

      It’s a nice perk our city does for use just to clear out the big stuff.

      The tinkerers are just clever people that take advantage of the day. (Kudos to them!)

  1. Heh! We’ve been down that road too, picking up our neighbor’s “junk”, just for parts. One time my oldest and grabbed an electric scooter from a trash pile, and managed to make it run, at least for a while. After it finally died (the battery went bad), we salvaged the wheels and the turn indicators for another project.

    • I’ve grabbed such item too in the past. I had a friend one grab a newer 36 inch (CRT) TV after a storm appeared to know it out. He was electronically savvy, and was able to fix it for less than $50!

      I have other family members that if they see something of value they will pick it up too. Why not, what’s the different between $100 and something that has a value of $100…

      I picked up an old wooded antique desk that was work at least a few hundred myself. I’m very happy with it (I still have it today)!

    • Very, very clever idea!

      I was impressed with Mr. Tinkerer though, I’m routing for him! I chuckle when I think of him as bizarro santa, I wonder if that’s wrong of me? I mean it in the most positive way!

    • Sadly Mean Green lost his structural integrity! He was very cheap and I was constantly fixing him all the time anyway.

      Unfortunately, I fixed Mean Green so much that most of it’s screw thread started stripping! 🙁

  2. Very interesting! It’s ridiculous the amount of waste that we produce. How much do you think we could all save if we only bought things with a long term goal of keeping it?

    -Ravi Gupta

  3. We don’t have that, however we can call for a pickup of things like that! I am putting out 2 old broken TVs soon. I never gave a thought about who may pick it up nor what they may do with it. There are probably parts that may be worth scavenging, but the picture tube is dead. Doesn’t Craig’s list have free giveaway (free) items?

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