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MR Cache 2011 April 17: Becoming A Soccer Coach

Weekly Thoughts:

This year coaches were running short for my city girl’s soccer teams for 7-year-old girls (my daughters league).  So I volunteered to pitch in and be the coach of a team for a season.  So far, my first practice and our team pictures have been rained out.  A rough start, but good for me because I’m not quite ready for the job (as easy as it may be).

I’ve went to a few “first time” coaches meetings, and I’m starting to research the coaching task via the internet (google).  Hmm, I wonder if the term google or the phrase “google it” is used more often than the phase “check on the internet” or “look it up on the internet”.

Top Pick of the Week:

I was doing to be vain this week and pick my own article below called “Creating Opportunities To Become Rich Using eBay” as the top pick of the week, but then I read the following article from Debt Free Adventures,  and realized how important the information therein was!  So without further ado my top pick of the week is:

  • Debt Free AdventureWalking Away From Your Mortgage – This is the most comprehensive article I’ve seen on the steps to take before considering walking out on your mortgage!  I viewed the article more as an ultimate action plan guide to take before you walk away from your home.  Matt has some very clever solutions and options listed.  Check it out to see if you agree.

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

  • Out of Your RutThe Power of Saying NO – This is something I battled with for a long time, especially growing up.  For me, my “Yes” breaker was my kids.  You have to learn to say “NO” to them, or else they’ll walk all over you and may even get harmed or in trouble.
  • First Gen American:  US Personal Savings Rate Still Going Up – Great news, that the US hasn’t gone back to their old charge to the hilt ways.  Perhaps we’re getting better, then again, perhaps we not longer have any equity in our houses to charge against…
  • The Digerati LifeDifferent Investing Styles To Invest In The Stock Market– Great write-up on the different styles of investing in the stock market!
  • Budgeting in The Fun StuffFeel Free to Hire Me– Need a staff writer?  How about help with blogging in general?  Check out Crystal, I’ve watched her really blossom into a powerhouse of a blogger/SEO expert/writer/superwoman!  I’m pretty sure if you did use her help, you would be very satisfied!
  • Retire By 40: Buying A Home Is Better Than Renting – Take it by RB40!  As a real estate owner and soon to be retiree, he knows what he is talking about in such areas.
  • Everyday Tips and ThoughtsTake the Jung Typology Test- and Share Your Results!  – What a fun test!  I fall under the group INTJ and surprisingly many of the other commenters also were in my camp.  Ironically, this type of personality type is only  supposed to be 1 to the max 2% or 3% of the population…  Hmmm.
  • YakezieThe Yakezie Pledge Page Is Live!  – The Yakezie is a group of bloggers that strive to excel, but also to promote acts of charity with donations.  Check out the new Pledge Page by the Yakezie!
  • 101 CentavosPenny Mining Stocks: The Value of Information – 101 is what I consider a highly specialized investor.  In this article he explains his approach and resources.
  • Stupid Cents: Tips to Save Money Around the Home – A great way to save money round the house!  This way you can use the money for fun thinks like awesome vacations!
  • Retire By 40Last Days To Contribute To The 529 Plan – A great article on 529s and an urge to contribute ASAP (seems like April 18th would be the last day). 
  • The Millionaire Nurse BlogWarning: Four Tips Before Getting Your New Rewards Card!  – What a great 2 for 1er!  Dr.Dean interviews Flexo at Consumerism Commentary on reward credit cards, a must read article!
  • Well Heeled BlogThe Curious Case of Hotel WiFi – Well Heeled has identified a WiFi trend that has had me and work peers, scratching our heads a few week ago.  I hate that I could get free internet access at cheaper hotels but Disney wasn’t to charge $10.00 a day.  It’s good to see that Well Heeled has noticed this trend too (I thought I was in bizarro world for a while)!
  • Boomer and EchoIf A Disaster Strikes – How Prepared Are You? – Well…  How well are you prepared?  If you’re not sure, check out this great checklist of things to do to be prepared!  Perhaps even if you do have a checklist, you’ll discover a few new areas.

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Carnivals and Mentions:

Closing Thoughts:

Tomorrow I go to get my soccer pictures taken with the team.  So far, the parents have been spot and excellent.  I hope I do better at this task than I expect that I would do.  I hope everybody has a great time and the girl’s skills increase.

Here’s wish everybody a great weekend!


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10 Responses to MR Cache 2011 April 17: Becoming A Soccer Coach

  1. Thanks for the mention. Good luck with your coaching experience this year, remember you don’t need to be Vince Lombardi to coach 7 year old’s…they just want to have some fun and learn a few things. I’ll bet you will too.


    • Good idea!

      It’s a fine balance between being anonymous and showing pictures… But perhaps I’ll change the colors on the shirts to keep anonymous 😉