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My Federal Income Tax Return Was Rejected!

IRS says no
IRS says no

Last night I was surprised to find that the tax return that I filed was rejected by the IRS!

After a short state of disbelief, I quickly wanted to determine why and fix it before the April 18th!  Why April 18th?  Because this year April 15th falls on a governmental holiday, so they bumped the date out to the following Monday (April 18th).

Anyway, so there I was, after I had fired up Turbo Tax, and click on the Status tab, There was the yellow warning stating that my return was rejected!

After clicking on the warning message, my basic mistake was that my SSN for my son appeared to be entered in correctly.  So I chose the “fix the error” message in Turbo Tax, and tweaked my son’s SSN number so that it was correct.

Ironically, this has almost happened to me before in past years, but my wife (schooled as an accountant in college), would hit me upside the head and ask me what I was thinking!  The problem usually is that my son’s first 3 digits in his SSN are similar to our area code, and since that number is permanently burned in the head, sometime those numbers gets typed instead of my son’s first three numbers.

So I re-submitted it (without any additional cost) via Turbo Tax, and all is well again!  I checked status today, and this time the IRS accepted my submission!  To find out more information client this Intuit write-up.

To re-submit that return wasn’t too difficult, but for a second, my stress level was through the roof!!!

Here’s an old Beatles video that is more true today than ever:

Readers, have any of you ever had to do extra income tax files that were above and beyond the norm?


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18 Responses to My Federal Income Tax Return Was Rejected!

  1. Phew! Glad you got that fixed and you were checking!

    I’m waiting and waiting for mine… should be any day now so I can blow it all! 🙂


    • Typos… grrrr

      At least it was simple!

      I was surprised that I got back as much as I did. It wasn’t as much as prior years, but it was a positive number still. I was dreading it because I thought I was going to have to pay this year.

      So big Whew! 🙂

  2. This year when dealing with the IRA Roth conversion DH discovered he’d misreported the Traditional IRA contribution in years past (apparently they cumulate or something) so we had to send in a corrected redo of last year’s return with this year’s.

    • That a reoccurring nightmare that I have. I would literally hate to:
      1.) Be audited
      2.) Have to go back and redo old Tax Returns because of an error.
      3.) Be penalized in any way because of a human mistake!

      What kills me is when politicians like Tim Geithner even mess up their taxes.

      I think our tax system is a little too hard when some of the country’s brightest can’t get it correct…

      Thanks for sharing! I believe it helps others to read comments like yours above!

      My sympathies to your husband, hopefully it’s all squared away now.

  3. Last year my tax return was rejected because they wanted more paperwork to back up the homebuyers tax credit I received… they didnt get me the letter until May, and I dont think I received my tax refund until July or August last year

    • Wow, that is a long time. I was afraid that they might penalize me in some way if I didn’t get it correct before the 4/18 deadline.

      Thanks for adding such a great personal comment! I think it’s good to see that other people makes mistakes too, or have issue with government forms too.

  4. One of the reason people get audit is basic typo so I always try to triple check everything. We just sent in our return on Friday since we owe money, we wanted to wait until the last minute. I caught one typo in the stock form and remembered that state tax payment from last year is deductible! So I saved another $50. yay!

    • I thought I was going to owe too, but I overestimated the tax and I still got a decent return back.

      Congrats on saving $50! I hate paying taxes (like everyone else I’m sure), so yay!!!

  5. I usually go through mine backward before I submit it – instead of reading my address as 123 Main Street, I read “Street Main 123.” You wouldn’t believe how many typos I’ve found that way. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Glad yours was easily fixed as well. Taxes make me a nervous wreck!

    • Better save than sorry! I usually have me wife (she’s an accountant), give it a once over before I submit mine. Usually she find an error or two, but this year she was spread thin already with other tasks.

  6. It sounds like the Turbo Tax program was a big help in identifying the error. Imagine a paper return where you had written in the wrong number. Wrong SS numbers are always a red flag and would have had your return pulled possibly leading to an audit. At least it was rejected up front and a quick, easy fix.

  7. Lucky that Turbo Tax caught that mistake before the deadline! I still file via paper, but might start thinking about filing online next year. It’d be nice for a program to warn me of any errors!