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Renaming This Blog To Money Reasons For PaintBall!

After a lot of soul searching, I decided to change this blog from one about money, to a blog about paintball and it’s benefits.

So to start, I’m going to change the name from “Money Reasons” to “Money Reasons for Paintball Fun“!

Although I’m not going to start my new articles until tomorrow, I’m excited about the change so let me highlight some of the expected changes here at this blog.

  1. No more plain vanilla look!  We are going to go with a sidebar, content, sidebar format (versus the content, sidebar, sidebar format).  In both left and right sidebar, we plan on having animated gifs that will look like a firework explosion, except that it will be a paintballs exploding!  If they ware sequenced right, it should almost have a strobe light effect!  How awesome is that!!!
  2. We’re going to replace our current header jpg with another animated gif of someone getting shot multiples times in a fun session of paintball.  And then having them take off their helmet laughing…  It will look very cool!
  3. As for content, I plan on bringing you the best deal on paintball and paintgun supplies!
  4. I’ll discuss advance usage for  paintball activities, like the new paintball fertilization service and a review of companies that use this process to fertilize your lawn.  The brilliant new style of painting houses (both inside and out) using the now famous paintball techniques (not to mentions the car painting craze that is just now starting to catch on).
  5. The obvious exercise benefits for playing paintball.
  6. And finally the money management for participating in paintball activities.  In this fun category, each member tries to calculate how much money was spent in used paintballs versus dud paintballs.  You know, the typical routine…

I hope you’re as excited as I am about me new redirection!  If you know some paintball companies looking for free advertising, for the first 4 months starting April 1st (today), I’ll display their ads for FREE!



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P.S. I also decided to change my name to Blade.  No more nice MR…  I’m going hardcore baby!

19 Responses to Renaming This Blog To Money Reasons For PaintBall!

  1. If this weren’t April Fools Day we might be taking it more seriously! (My son would be your No. 1 fan with the paintball theme!)

    I had to rebuild my site yesterday, only it wasn’t by choice. And it had nothing to do with paintball either!

    • thx. I had a lot of fun with it. I might decide not to go this route though, I haven’t researched the paintball blogging competition yet… Maybe I jumped before I looked, kind of deal.

    • lol, what do you meant what’s the reason? I’m really switching my site to a paintball site…

      Actually, I really do think a paintball and other similar sports like it would be a great blog. I’ve learn so much about paintball from friends at work.

  2. Blade, I love it! I wish you were really doing it!

    BTW- when I was back in high school I used to drive an hour and half to NJ to buy paintballs in bulk (a penny a piece) and sell them to people in PA where you normally had to pay something like .25/ea. I sold them at a big discount and was able to support my paintball habit! We used to play in our backyards….lots of fun!

    • wow, that a pretty nice return on your investment, very clever!!!

      I did check and there are a few paintball blogs out there already… Great fun and sport!

  3. Ah yes, April Fool’s. Totally taken in.
    For my part, yesterday at the office I circulated the rumor that our company was going to be sold to our competitor.

  4. you had me man. you will appreciate my next niche website….it is all about Paintball!!!!! i will come back and let you know once kicking in gear. the site is up, just need to tweak a few things and gain some SE traction