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The Mercedes Driving Coupon Clipper

Last weekend, I took my family to “Steak & Shake” Restaurant.   We had a coupon from one of those ever popular entertainment books.  I was proud of myself for remembering to use it, at least until I noticed the “Mercedes Driving Coupon Clipper“!  Over the past few years, we decided to keep our entertainment books in the car, that way if we forget to take the coupon out of the book, or forget about the coupon entirely, it’s just a matter of having someone run to the car to bring the book in.

Back to my story…  So we finished our meals and I went up to pay bill with a $2 dollars off a second meal when 1 meal of $5.00 or greater was purchased.  Since there was four of us, the coupon was nice but not earth shattering as my bill still came to over 21 dollars.  Of course I used my trusty Citi Diamond Preferred rewards card as usual, so the amount off the bill was a little more than the $2 but again nothing to write home about.

However, I was patting myself on the back with my coupon ninja skills, when I noticed that the family in front of me was taking a really long time!


Mercedes Driving Coupon Clipper

As I stood there in line, I noticed that the mom, dad and teenage son were an very handsome family.  I supposed that the son played sports since he was a few inches taller than I was.  The mom was attractive in a classy kind of way with cloths that looked expensive, but one never knows these days…

But the dad (the one paying the bill) caught my attention the most.  While he wasn’t dress poorly, he wasn’t dressed as nicely as the mom and son.   He was soft spoken and patiently waited for the cashier to get her manager because of the complex grouping of coupons that he had.  Once the manager came over, the man proceeded to explain how the coupons worked and the discounts that each entitles.  I was impressed that he know with such exact detail what each coupon was worth and the expiration date on each.

While I don’t remember the exact amount that he paid, I do remember it was close to but less than 10 dollars (9 something), and that I was impressed.  As the family left, I was subconsciously confused, but I didn’t know exactly why.


The Parking Lot

It didn’t hit me until I got to the parking lot, at that point I realize that the family were probably very well off!  Of course it helped that as we got to our car, I noticed that man and his family driving off in a high end Mercedes Benz!

My wife asked my what I was chuckling about as I got in the car.  That’s when I told her that this was the first time that I’ve even seen a Mercedes Driving Coupon Clipper!

Later after getting home and letting what I saw spin passively in my head somewhere deep in my subconscious, my thought came to my active thoughts!  The man was both rich and frugal because it was a game for him!

I should have noticed that he was enjoying the game that he was playing as he explained each coupon to the manager as if he were trading a valuable baseball card with another collector!

After a seemingly long 5 minute transaction with the manager, how the entire family seemed happy as they left the restaurant instead of being flustered as the typical customer (including myself) would have been!

I don’t know if I would have figured it out had I not seen the Mercedes that they drove off in.

Perhaps this is a more common occurrence than I realized.  It would also explain why Warren Buffett isn’t to proud to use coupons.  Even though it’s obvious that he doesn’t need to…

Readers have you ever seen or heard of a story like I experienced?  This should make us all realize that money is money, and if we can get something for less we shouldn’t be shy about saving a buck to two extra off of a purchase!  After all, if the very wealthy are looking for good deals, why should we do the same?

Needless to say, I was very impressed with the Mercedes driving coupon clipper…



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38 Responses to The Mercedes Driving Coupon Clipper

  1. Some folks that are well-off didn’t get that way by being extravagant with their money…. restaurant coupons are ones that we do use. I find that clipping grocery coupons is not worth the time spent.

    • I don’t clip grocery coupons either, but I kind of wish we did. I know my grandmother use to, and she was a smart cookie!

      I usually do find restaurant coupons though, but not to the degree that the guy I talk about in my article does. I’m pretty sure it’s a game for him…

  2. I use grocery coupons on items that I use regularly. Most of the time I cans stay organized enough to do this and successfully save money. Restaurant coupons, we do use those too when we do go out to eat… I have learned to keep these coupons in my purse…. or car. No Mercedes yes, but working on a new used pickup. ( A redneck at heart)

    • Ahh, a hybrid approach! That idea makes sense and still gets you a decent discount on those items that you regularly get.

      I would love to have a “new used” pickup! But then again, I’m from the middle of the country, so it’s the norm out here…

  3. I think people should use every advantage possible. Whether you have a negative net worth or ride the top 1% for net worth, it doesn’t matter. My uncle who is quite well off is also very frugal with his money when he goes out. I see nothing wrong with and I wonder do the wealthy amass their fortunes by couponing? 😉

    -Ravi Gupta

    • I have a few friends that are millionaires, and I admit, they are more deal focused than I am. They do use coupons and try to get things as low as they possible can. I don’t think they clip grocery coupons, but the do search for the best deal possible on items that buy that are expensive.

    • Yeah, I was impressed! Their Mercedes was brand new too! Since they display frugal habits, I’m inclined to thing they got their act together, but who really knows.

  4. An associates at a very high end retailer once told me, “The rich didn’t get rich by paying retail. They are very opportunistic when it comes to saving money. Only middle class people pay retail because they’re trying to pass off as being rich.”

    • Sounds like your associate had great advice around the matter. It’s kind of ironic that those that don’t need to be so tight with money are, while those that do need to be tight with money aren’t. lol, life is a puzzle.

  5. i love our smart phones that give us the latest coupons on the spot. moreover, when shopping and i feel like the price is too high, i quickly visit the phone and sometimes find stuff nearby that is significantly cheaper. the last we did this resulted in a $200 saving on a 50+ inch flat screen

    • Technology can be a great frugal weapon, that’s for sure!

      I saved at least a hundred dollars by not hiring someone to fix our gfi outlet. Seeing a video that expained the matter in detail was great, and at my fingertips! Truly awesome!

  6. It is more common than you think! My brother in law told me about coupons. He was a former VP of Sales (now retired). He lived in a million dollar (paid off) home on the water in New York. I went out to eat with friends, one of which is retired and very rich and we argued who could use the ( coupon.

    • I guess if you rich, you don’t have to be self-conscious about using coupons. Everybody that knows you knows that you are just trying to get the best deal.

      That makes sense. Thanks for the personal add, it good to hear things like your comment! 🙂

  7. I knew a high powered executive who raked in big bucks, but she was notoriously cheap. Thinking back, being cheap coupled with her business saavy probably played big roles in maker her rich!

    • I call the difference between what you spend and save the Savings Delta, and if you think about it from a pure math perspective… every little bit counts towards our financial goals 🙂

      Great comment, thanks for sharing!

    • I’m more of a Lexus guy, I would love to have one of those!

      A buddy at work bought a Merc, and he is constantly complaining about the repairs associated with that car. Love the look and gadgets, but hates taking it to the shop (but then again, who doesn’t).

      You may be right, perhaps this family can afford nicer things because the are financially savvy!

  8. Maybe the poor guy has to clip coupons because he’s leveraged to the hilt to pay for that expensive car, the expensive clothes his wife is wearing, and all the expensive traveling sports his son is playing! Poor guy can’t even afford a night out at Steak and Shake!

    Nah.. You’re probably right. Frugal millionaire next door.

    • lol, you may very well be right, and I have to admit that thought has crossed my mind too.

      While I’m not 100% sure, I think he is well off because they seemed so happy, and I could tell that he enjoyed explaining the coupons to the manager.

      But it was Steak and Shake…, so you may be correct!

      I wish I could have followed him to see where his family lived. It wouldn’t have told me if they were stretched financially or not, but it would be interesting to see his house (I’m nosy that way).

      My gut tells me Frugal MND, but who knows…

  9. I don’t care much for cars and would likely be the opposite of this man. I’d drive around in my 12 year-old beater but eat at the finest restaurant in town because I do enjoy a nice dining experience every once in a while.

    It would have been fun to continue the experiment and follow them home. I’m nosy that way too 😉

    • I’m the same way with my cars. The beater that I currently drive is a 2003 Chevy Malibu. I can afford to buy a better car, but the Malibu is paid off and just a work car…

      I doubt that I’ll see the family again, unless they come back to Steak and Shake (currently my son’s favorite restaurant).

  10. Isn’t it fun speculating about people. If he’s that frugal, my guess is that it’s not his car at all. I would bet it was a company car and he’s either in sales or a high level executive.

    I’m in sales and I get a new car every 2 years (I have to pay a monthly fee to use it, but it still is a good deal). I’ve had a lot of different cars in the 10 years in my home and I just recently found out that one of my neighbors thought I was one of those car whores who always needs to be driving a new car. I’m not a car person at all, but if you knew nothing else about me, that’s not the conclusion you’d come to looking in my driveway.

    Appearances can be deceiving.

    • Great twist on the event. I could see that being the case entirely!

      I don’t know many sales people that drive Mercs, but it’s entirely possible!

      I knew something that different about the family even before I saw them drive away in their Merc… My financial senses were tingling (vs spider senses as is the case with spiderman, lol).

      Either way, it made our little trip to “Steak and Shake” a much more interesting trip, at least for me. 🙂

  11. We live in a blue collar town that is surrounded by very wealthy towns. Let me tell you that those millionaires use coupons!!!

    Last night, I was at a Tastefully Simple party with a few friends that are millionaires. The talk of the party was when Target has toy clearances, where to buy knock off Pottery Barn dressers and they each carefully made their purchases based off their budget. The Millionaire Next Door book is right on!

  12. Where I take my car for oil changes happens to also service a really rich client base because a nearby neighborhood is very wealthy. They advertise in those mailers with $1 or $2 off car wash coupons. And as I sit waiting for my oil change to be done, I will constantly see people use those $1-$2 off coupons and then drive off in a BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, etc….always cracks me up.

    • It’s sad that I’ve never even thought about using a coupon for an oil change… I have a crappy 2003 chevy malibu, but why not use a coupon to save on oil costs 🙂

      Thanks for the idea, I’ll look for such coupons like that in the future.

  13. This article definitely caught my eye (love well off people using coupons!). On the other hand…it is possible that he is penny smart and pound foolish. Since he has that mercedes and his family may like the finer things in life….they might actually be in debt! I am going to tweet.

    • They may well be, but I have a feeling that since the family are so in tune with their finances that they would be equally aware in the financial matters of debt control and wealth accumulation.

      But one never know, it’s definitely up for interpretation 🙂

  14. Haven’t paid full-price for toothpaste, papertowels, diapers/pull-ups or coffee in two years….

    My husband often laughs at me as I sit on Sunday mornings clipping- and YES I also work FT and SOMEHOW find the time to clip. He stopped laughing when I told him I saved close to 1500$ last year and used it to pay for our beach vacation rental last summer.

    Yes, I’m a bit weird….what’s even weirder is that I actually OWN that BMW in the parking lot.

    • Awesome comment!

      It sounds like you are spending and saving money in the best combination!

      Life is to be enjoyed, so why not save on the routine stuff so that you can buy the stuff that you really enjoy!

      Money is money! And any way that we can save it is good! 🙂

  15. Loooove my coupons! You can really get a great deal at Steak and Shake as I think kids also eat free on weekends or something like that. I had a fistful of coupons one time and got away incredibly cheap.

    However, I did have a similar experience just a couple weeks ago. This family was arguing with the cashier about a discrepancy on their bill that amounted to about 3 dollars. It took forever, but was interesting to listen to. I later saw them in the parking lot, pulling out of their spot in an Escalade. I chuckled to myself too.