Smart Reasons to Save, Use and Invest Money

Treat Money With Respect Even When It’s Small Change!


All to often, I see many of my friends and work peers see change on the ground or wherever and ignore it like it’s something disgusting!  I’ll

When I see silver-colored coins on the ground (yeah, I’m too good for pennies), I pick them up.  And then if I’m near a restroom, I go in and wash them and obviously my hands too.  If I’m not near a bathroom, I try to use purell or some other kind of cleanser to cleanup.

So why do I bother?

I’ll be honest, it’s mostly for my kids…  But even if I didn’t have kids, I would still pick up the silver-colored coins (and pennies too if I’m bending over to pick up the silver-colored coins).

I save the coins for my kids because they still get excited (although not as much as they use to), when they get any type of money.

So why save money if you don’t have kids?

  • Crazy, “Anything Goes” wild spending money!
  • To save for vacation trips.
  • Speculative investments (it may take a few years to get enough to invest, unless you go for penny stocks, in which case you are gambling with losing odds).
  • Emergency fund?
  • House and car repair fund.
  • Yearly Christmas or other special occasion fancy restaurant meal.

After saving the money for a period of time, basically use the money for anything that is fun.  Why save money for a something mundane!  If you make it fun money, then it’s doing the extra work of picking it up and saving it after you purchase something using cash.

When to Pick Up Money
When to Pick Up Money

So the question is…  Do you save or pickup change?


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24 Responses to Treat Money With Respect Even When It’s Small Change!

    • My sentiments the same. I’m constantly surprised that my friends pass coins up. My son pickups up pennies (and I do too when I’m with him, but only to give it to him).

      I use to like pennies, but now I figure it’s worth too small amount (a penny in Ben Franklin’s time was worth a lot more than today).

      Besides, I figure some kid might find it and get a kick out of it.

  1. I never pass up a coin, no matter what denomination!

    Regarding cleanliness, money of all sorts is really dirty whether it is on the ground or in your wallet. It is part of why I hate using cash in general!

  2. I read an article awhile back about a family who managed to pick up something like 2 or 5 thousand dollars in loose change one year. Huge difference between 2 and 5 thousand, I know, but I’m impressed even it it was only 2 thousand.

    They said they purposefully go on daily, long family walks to find change. It’s a win-win-win for them; family time, exercise, and free money!

    • What a great comment! I love stories like this, especially win-win scenarios!

      Plus it’s a bit like a scavenger hunt, a contest of sorts among family members.

      Too cool!

  3. I use to never but now I do. I dropped some money at the airport and a guy comes up and starts picking it up off the floor. I’m not as desperate as the man mentioned but if no one claims it why shouldn’t i?

    -Ravi Gupta

    • If it’s my own money, I definitely pick up the money (even pennies then).

      Actually, with pennies, I do pick them up sometimes (when nobody is looking). But if I’m with friends, I’ll pick up the silver, but not the pennies unless they are beside silver coins. Funny huh…

  4. Hey, it all adds up! I’m studying abroad in London next year( guest posted at Studenomics) and I’ve become aware that British Pounds are coins. I better get used to carry around change.

  5. I will pick up any change I see on the floor unless I can see that it is wet or in some type of filth. I do my shopping with my cards and do not tend to use cash but sometimes it comes in handy especially when I see those little jars collecting money for the needy…I drop those coins in!

  6. I have a change jar, where I place any coin I receive. I don’t like to carry coin. When I used to go out for lunch, my jar contained as much as $40-50 per month. Now I use a credit card, take my lunch and the jar stays low.

    • Yeah, I use to have piggy banks for my kids, but since I started using my credit card more and more, they don’t get as much either…

      Credit cards are great if used well…

  7. Good Cartoon.

    My son and I were having this exact conversation this morning. He was telling me that “pennies are no good because they aren’t worth much”. SO I told him picking up 100 pennies gets you $1 and you can buy something with a $1.

    I call any street money “treasure” in any denomination. I don’t care about how dirty it is.

  8. I pick up the change, too! I love watching my mason jar fill up with spare change.

    I have a funny anecdote to add about kids. A week ago I was reviewing money in my kinder/1st grade class and pulled out a jar of coins. One of the students said, “That’s not money.” I was flabbergasted! I then went on and explained how coins are money and it’s very important to save them. I also stressed how fun it is to count them and that the students should practice counting change at home. Of course, I made this all so exciting by being overly enthusiastic about spare change. 😉 I’m pretty sure I made an impact on the student who didn’t think coins were money!

    • Awesome story! You should tell your student about vending machine operators and how they make their entire living on change spent!

      Thanks for sharing, great story about your student..

  9. i pick up every single coin i see on the streets – it’s a signal from a higher power wanting me to have it, and not taking it is saying i don’t want it. there is a saying in india/in indian culture, that you shouldn’t kick wealth that has come knocking at your door steps.